Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ginger Mancat Thursday

What could be better than a trio of ginger mancats on a Thursday ? Here we are on the catio in the fine Finnish sunshine.
And I allowed Äiti to take a photo of my curly tummy furs. I think these are quite elegant and handsome, but I leave that for you to decide!
Now I had a request from King Spitty to explain one of my favourite daily occupations: kitten-mittening. While Äiti takes my dictation for my blog post - for instance right now as she types my humble musings - I wrap myself around her left arm as she types. This is what it looks like. Äiti snuck the camera onto self-timer for these shots. Here I am giving the camera the evil eye - and sticking my tongue out especially for Spittikins, hehehe.
And then I give Äiti's arm a wash with the aforementioned tongue.  I have a paw either side of her arm and her hand can tickle my tummy - I provide her with a very cosy mitten.
And then I have a rest after all that hard work by lying on her expansive tummy. And yes, the 'Q' is missing from the keyboard. That was some pretty nifty claw work to remove it. Äiti leaves the macbook closed now.


Gigi said...

Oh my. The Human is all asquee at this tranquil domestic scene! She is glaring at me, wondering why *I* will not "mitten" her arm as you do Äiti's? Well, rest assured, it will not be happening around this castle. It is not good for the Humans to have everything they want, is it King P?

And it was most considerate of you to remove the Q rather than a more useful letter, like E or T or S or something. Unless Q is the mainstay of Finnish spelling or something.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Holy kittehz! That first pic left our Mommy with a case of the "vapors"! MOL!

We've never seen such so much ginger gorgeousness in one place before!

Happy Thursday, furriends. XOXO

Sparkle said...

That is a lot of ginger going on! I supervise my human by sitting on her mouse pad and poking her!

Mamma N said...

Onpas siellä hienot värit ja mitkä ihastuttavat masukarvat :)

Onneksi suomenkielessä ei juuri tuota q-kirjainta tarvita!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We popped over to your catiocam (11:10 am Finland time) and all was black. Has sum kitteh sat their bum on the catiocam???

Anonymous said...

Hey PPP!
Yesh, I like to spend time looking at handsome ginger mancats. Thanks about that possibility.

And your curly fur, it really is elegant. Even more elegant than my.

Vilperi with servant

GTnCo said...

Love all that ginger!!


Now that is ginger goodness.
We had to laugh about the "Q"!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

My mum wants a kitten mitten now! You have lovely curly tummy furs.

Ann Boyajian said...

We love your curly tummy furs! Plus, Mom wants a kitten mitten of her own - don't you dare give her such notions!

Just Ducky said...

BAck to school so soon? Here they have off until September.