Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day

Here in Finland, Vappu or May Day is a big celebration. Most humans get riotously drunk: we of course celebrate in much more civilised ways. Well, unless you are Aila-sisko. A shocked little Sampo is watching her. 
Any suggestions as to what she is trying to do ? We'll tell you tomorrow!

And we wish to respond to a question asked by our loyal readers from Fuzzy Tales, the tussle-meisters Nicki and Derry about our neighbours. Well, here in Finland arrangements for pets are a little different from the UK and maybe other countries! In the UK Cats roam out and about (and that filled Äiti with nightmares about roads of course so the Britcats were all indoors), and the dogs are inside. Here it is normal for cats to be indoors and dogs to live outside but in fenced areas of gardens. Now if we were to wander freely it is actually legal for us to be shot if we were on a neighbour's property - although that doesn't happen in practice. But people can get very upset if animals mess in their gardens.  Also, animals found on streets can be taken immediately to the local rescue home, and then their owners have to pay to collect them. This means there is not so much of a feral problem and less suffering in the winter months when it is too cold to survive outdoors. Now our neighbours seem very friendly - especially the wonderful owner of Kisu and Reetu nearby, who is also going to have a catio we hope. Hmmm, it had better not be even better than our catio! No one has complained about the catio or number of us, but maybe they don't know how many are in perheeni,  hehehe. We are not aware of any bylaws for our area. So Äiti is just the local crazy cat lady, and she's also foreign so she gets left in peace. Well, sometimes the local children come to say hello, which is great fun for us, but generally Äiti likes it that Finland is a country where we can be left in peace.


Gigi said...

A. Bomiting up a furball?
B. Trying to climb into a closed box?
C. Smelling something good to eat in that box?
D. Recovering from a hangover?
E. Starting trouble with a kitty who already got inside the box?

So, we read that little Sky went off to his furever home. Hurray!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Our Mommy is gettin riotously drunk off those chunky thighs and dark tail! MOL!

Sparkle said...

If it's May Day, could Aila be (over) indulging in some nip?

anna arsniva said...

Actually it's not legal to shoot anyone's cat. What comes to strays, it's different, but how do you know who's a stray and who is a homecat, if you just like to shoot cats or anything that moves from distance (like many "peräkammarinpoika" local underdeveloped sosiopaths like to do).

Mamma N said...

Aila etsii vappukukkaa?

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Nowadays, being lucky enough to live in the right country is truly a huge consideration, both for kitties and humans.

Enjoy your May Fay celebrations. Here, it is grey and cold and rainy, so we're all staying in and napping.

The Chans

Riffa said...

My Aunt thinks that Finns can be strictly divided into two groups regarding to their attitude towards cats.
Most Finns love nature and all animals. They love cats and understand that cats also want to roam freely sometimes.
Almost as big is the group that just HATES cats. They complain all the time that various cats pee on their garden furniture and that cats are killing all birds in Finland and they threaten to kill every free-roaming cat they happen to see. - And so many cats disappear every year that they don't just threaten.
Me and Oliver still are mostly free when we are outdoors because I never leave our backyard and Oliver only ventures to the field beyond that.
Btw, the Finnish law says that cats can roam freely as long as the owner is supervising them all that time!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy May Day!

We won't guess what Aila-sisko is doing, but it must be Important! Love that shot, it's priceless, and Prancer Pie's comment was great.

Thanks for the info re: Finnish laws (your answer as well as Riffa's comment). Legal to be shot is scary. But our city actually has a bylaw that states that cats are not allowed to roam onto another's property--of course this is not and cannot be enforced.

It's an interesting switch re: dogs and cats being indoor versus outdoor, too. Even in North America, the majority of cat "owners" let theirs roam, we suspect. Though it IS more common to keep them inside than in other parts of the world. But usually it will be the cat roaming and the dog living indoors, unless it's a cold-weather breed like a Husky.

Oh, btw, we get people here too complaining that birds are killing off too many birds--and wasn't there someone recently in Australia who was advocating that cats be killed because of it? Or the media might have misinterpreted what he said!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Cats. Cats kill too many birds. Not birds kill too many birds. LOL.

Kari said...

Cute 'tocks and tail, beautiful Aila!
Hello little Sampo. Keep a watch on the box. Once it's opened, be ready to pounce.

Nelli said...

I was just going to guess that Aila is going into a box. :)

I wouldn´t let cats wonder freely, it´s not safe for them, and they do kill a lot of birds, squirrels and mousies - even when on a leash on the back yard (yes, Reetu, I´m talking about you).

So a catio is a great way to let the kitties smell the fresh air and enjoy the sun! I hope I´ll get our catio (and the tunnel between) ready soon, so Pekka-poika and Kisu can have their secret meetings.

By the way, one of your "pikku varpunen" flew into our window yesterday! I got really worried and carried it a bit further away to recover, and soon enough, it flew away. Luckily it didn´t break it´s neck. This morning the pair of them was back here eating.