Thursday, 2 May 2013

Box Crazy

So. what was Aila-sisko up to yesterday ? Some guesses were spot on. Äiti has tried to be devious and make a feeding area for young Sampo only. She wants to prevent the rest of us from eating tasty kitten food. So she has sealed up a box and cut a few little holes in it, which allow him to get in and out, but not the rest of us. Pöh.  Aila is doing her best to get inside.
And failing that she hopes sitting on it will break the box. Maybe Mirsku should join her.
Sampo demonstrates how easy it is - for him.
But look at this! I can make myself very slim and get inside! Look at the shocked little ninjalet, hehehe.
Äiti says this is okay as I could do with eating more. So I am officially allowed access. it is a bit of a squeeze though.
 But did I leave some tasty stuff inside.....
..... just so that I can annoy Aila.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Hmm, that box entrance really does determine what size kitty gets at the food. Since the problem here is that Iza gets at all the food she can eat until shes hacks it up, TBT has been putting foods fer US up high (Iza cant jump). But that box idea might werk too! ~ Marley an Ayla

Gigi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! You are the Best Boy of all, Punapippuri! That Äiti is a wily one, is she not? Poor Aila! Curses, foiled again. Sigh.

Sparkle said...

Puna, if you can easily get inside, I'd say you are welcome to some of Sampo's food!

Just Ducky said...

Oh, maybe mum should do that for Ducky so he gets his foods without Derby disturbing him.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We don't think that box can withstand the force of the Mighty Mirsku!

Mom's hoping the box holds so you can get some more candid hiney shots of Aila!

Anonymous said...

We love the 4th picture..Poor Sampo is startled!!
Aiti,you are ingenious.

Kari said...

Your Aiti is so cool! What a great idea! We could use something like that around our place. And you may eat more, dear Puna, because it's a challenge and we kitties like nothing more than stealing food from each other.

Little Sampo seems to have blended into the family perfectly. That kitty boy really has the good looks, doesn't he!