Monday, 7 January 2013

Feeding Time Frenzy

We are guessing that every feline household has routines, and we are no exception. Äiti has watched us and become amazed at how good we are at spotting when a certain routine will start. This is no surprise to us as we know Äiti herself is beyond anal in her routines, so we know exactly when to move from our slumbers because the food cupboard will be opened shortly. The best is the night time (not a very useful phrase admittedly here in Finland (North)) shutting the macbook and moving from the sofa. 
At this point pekka-poika and I act out a relished ritual.  It is best described as akin to Inspector Clouseau coming home in the wonderful 'Pink Panther' movies, when Cato waits for him. Yes, Pekka-poika and I have a wrassle and one endeavours to triumph over the other - usually by throwing the opponent to the kitchen floor!
When Äiti apporaches the kitchen, there are usually about 6 of us with her. Pekka and I begin a bit of nuzzling. 
I usually show the Bottom of Disrespect for him to sniff.
Then there's some paw whapping. Yes, that is a ninja tail in the way.
And then Pekka goes for the ear bites. I am not his only victim but my ears are by far the most tasty.
Even if I don't enjoy the tongue massage.
At this point Harris-veli normally brushes between us and tries to break up any tussle. He is a peacemaker.  He's also hungry and everyone is hoping that the cupboard I am guarding will be opened quickly. But what else can we do while Äiti messes around - we may as well tussle. It helps us forget our rumbling empty bellies.
And of course I will show my mastery and push Pekka to the floor.
 He'll try the ear biting again of course, but I am unflustered.
He carries on, even when there is obvious excitement as Äiti is holding the magical Cup of Kibble.
 Which is then unceremoniously thrown down the hallway.
And then the important part of the routine starts - the feasting!
I will add that Stran-veli does not join in this tussle - he waits quietly on the kitchen table as he gets his separate pile of dry food. Mirsku also doesn't like to play: he prefers to eat in peace too, often by the kitchen sink. And Risto and Roosa get their dry food upstairs - but the rest of us are like vultures and piranhas combined - apparently!


Sparkle said...

That's quite a feeding ritual! Often Binga and I trade whaps, but never a knock-down, drag-out wrassle... if that happens, my human stops opening up cans to yell at us!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We know foods time with certain sounds and actions too. 1. TBT is in the kitchen. 2, The sound of a can opening, 3, The scrapes of food bowls out of the pantry.

And then, if we are being stupid, he calls us! MOL!

Unknown said...

Wow! We don't has feeding rituals, but we does has bedtimes treats rituals! And we is never together.

Gigi said...

OMC. It's like Lord of the Flies over there.

I am . . . appalled and strangely fascinated at the same time! I somehow envisioned you lining up like good boys and girls in front of twelve little tidy bowls, each with it's perfectly measured pile of fudz.

I certainly never imagined the kind of frenzy that must ensue when that kibble gets scattered to the four winds. My, my, my.

Anonymous said...

We named our first adopted cat Cato because (like the original Cato in the Pink Panther movie) she was waiting to attack us behind doors,couches,corners...It was fun. But then she grew up and became a diva,a princess. when all the other cats are eating on their plates on the floor ,she climbs on the kitchen counter,to her special spot.She does not want to mingle and she snorts and does not eat her food if i don't feed her first,if i forgot to buy her favorite Whiskas sardines, if another cat is watching her...I believe she never forgave me for adopting 5 more cats .She wanted to be the only one. Reading your post today it was like you were describing what happens in our kitchen every day.As soon as i enter the kitchen,all cats are rushing in the room and then there is a lot of hissing,fighting,ear washing..But every cat does the same, every time. My 6 girls are so predictable!!!
Love and kisses. Dimitria.

Pelle said...

Wow! Beeing the master of the house I get my food in peace.Wet and dry. Anytime I like.
Of course there are some other cats at our house accasionally, like just now. On "holiday" or like theese two, homeless in wait for their human. I do´nt share my food with them, just the house and my servant and we only meet by the fence in the doorway.

Mamma N said...

On teillä rutiinit! :)

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

So, queuing in an orderly fashion seems to be limited to Starn and perhaps the other Britcats whilst you FinnCats show total disregard for British order?

The Chans

Katnip Lounge said...


Mommy is making rude remarks about "swilling hogs"...

Just Ducky said...

OH yeah, end of the night. The puter gets shut down and we get fed!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We get our supper in 2 parts. Half at 6pm which is the normal time when we used to get all of it, but now she gives us the other half when she goes to bed in the hope that we will have full tummies and sleep right through to the morning. Huh fat chance!!!