Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tongue and Toesie Tuesday

Tuomo-veli takes centre stage today. He's less grumpy than usual with the rest of us but is a real Äiti-hog. He gets to eat yummy creme fraiche twice a day (Äiti's note - with his crushed up medicine in!) and he sleeps by her pillow and wakes her up whenever he wants a tummy tickle (usually twice a night).
However he is slowing down a bit as he enjoys his seniority, and he's not outside as much as he used to be, preferring to snooze in the warm than go out hunting mousies in the snow. He says he had more than enough of that when he was living rough as a farm cat.
And none of us would ever want him to return to that life!

I am honoured, loyal readers to have such an important social life. I have had to return three times to this post to complete it as new things fall into my inbox. My PA will deal with some, but firstly I have to follow Mirsku's request. It is not possible to turn down Paksu-poika when he asks for things. Yesterday his girlfriend, May Ling from the Katnip Lounge  was posing in front of the July page of our calendar, which features her very own mighty meaty leviathan, Mirsku. He then wanted to give May Ling a little nuzzle of his own and here he is putting his nose to her nose on the laptop. Awwww!  Can May Ling continue the sequence by washing his ear ? like a few commenters said on the Loungers' blog yesterday, 'get a room'.

In response to one loyal reader's comment yesterday about photos not appeaing, unfortunately we have no idea what the problem might be. Sorry!
And another sorry for another loyal reader - the calendars were a very limited edition (due to cost) and all have been given as presents - they were an experiment this year and maybe next year we could put some up on sale if there were enough interest.