Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sad Wednesday

We received the very sad news that Juuso, King Kitty Cat of Finland (South) has passed to the Rainbow Bridge. That darn Bridge is claiming so many wise old felines right now. Juuso was seventeen and a half years old, and lived down in Vantaa, commanding his human servants with a magnificent miaow and a very independent paw.
Juuso was one of my mentors. When I began blogging his human got in touch. She is the grand daughter of the very kind people who rescued me from Muhos fields as pikku pentu. They saved my life and we are all grateful for that. 
Soon, it was clear I was destined for greatness and was declared King Kitty Cat of Finland, and it was Juuso who gently guided me away from the powers of my pride and ego, and pointed out that he was older so perhaps the kingdom should be divided. I happily conceded to such a wise cat, and it was good to learn some humility,  and later I sent Äiti to Finland (South) to visit him with presents and royal greetings. 
We have of course kept in touch so perheeni is deeply saddened by the news of his passing but we are at peace with the news he is not suffering. We have our flag at half mast and candles burning, and our tails respectfully tipped for a period of mourning. And we extend nose rubs to perheensa, those left behind who miss him more than words can say.

Comments are off, to show silent respect.