Friday, 21 December 2012

Fantastic Friday

Loyal readers, we are celebrating today (and we are ignoring the Mayan calendar). Today we have two reasons to celebrate. It is the last day of work for Äiti and she can then spend over a week with us, tending to our every need and whim. And it is also the solstice. Today the Sun is above the horizon for a whole 3hrs and 34 minutes but tomorrow it will stay up for 9 seconds longer. The summer is coming!
Pekka has been celebrating by playing in the snow, looking for mousies.
And listening for them.
He loves pawing through the powder.
 And skidding.
 But he is very noisy so we think the chance of mouse hunting is small.
But right now we don't care as we have winter feasting, and we will celebrate all through the night. The very long night.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

A "WHOLE 3 hours and 34 minutes"? Oh Bast, you could nap and miss the whole day...

We think we should send you a sunlamp... MOL!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Feasting and a whole week of you every whim being tended to? No small wonder Pekka is playing with reckless abandon in the snow! Happy Friday, kittehz!

Unknown said...

Pekka! Yous reminds me of Koszo, and only 3 hours and 34 minutes?!? Me thought our 7 and a half hours was bad!
Our Mommy works from home so we gets to see her everyday and this is there busy time of year so she has been furry busy. we are glad she is taking some extra days at Christmas this year.
Kisses and happy solstice to yous!

Gigi said...

Hey, King P--Tomorrow is my Human's last day of work until January 7th! Hooooooraaaaay! Well, she's 'bandoning me for a few days but she should be here meeting my every need the rest of the time.

Unless, of course, the Mayans is right--then I guess it will be EVERYBODY'S last day of work, MOL!

By the way, Don't worry about my mental health. The Human talks to herself all the time so I guess it's rubbed off on me. Not to worry. I'm fine. We're fine. We think. Or I think. Whatever.

Happy Solstice. Nine more seconds of sun is nothing to sneeze at when you've only got like 10 minutes of it, eh?

Anonymous said...

Pekka is a very handsome boy but it looks like he is clumsy mouse-hunter.King Punnapippuri,you must teach him a few things about hunting.But, i suppose, having only 3 hours of daylight,there is not much you can do..Hang on,summer is only 5 months away...Lone you all.

Stacy Hurt said...

I think it is The Awesome that you guys get to go out in the snow AND go mousing at the same time! Good luck and enjoy your extra time!

MS Stella O Houligan

Sparkle said...

I take it that at this point, sun puddles are VERY few and far between? Whoa, I don't know how you kitties can cope! Looking forward to longer days!!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Excellent causes for celebration! We love that second photo of Pekka! He looks so cute!

The Chans

Fuzzy Tales said...

A joyous and blessed Solstice to you all! We're doing the happy dance here too. And the "doomsday" moment came and went without so much as a hiccup.

We hope Aiti enjoys her time off...Our human also is off after today until the 2nd of January, a perk of being employed at a university. :-)

Ana said...

Reipas lumikissa!

Marilia said...

So cute!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We think the sun is getting above the horizon here, but can't remember what it looks like as we are getting week after week of torrential rain, and if we want to go in the garden, we have to paddle.
Enjoy your time with Aiti home with you.