Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Triumphant Tuesday

We are pleased to report Mirsku-veli is recovering well. We were perhaps a little jealous that he got first dabs on a kissanminttu banana which Äiti bought at the weekend, but maybe he deserved it. 
So, where did Äiti go ? She went off to another Cat Show. This was at Seinäjoki, which is about 4 hours drive away.  This is of course deeply suspicious and we were very relieved when she came back with treats and a new bed, and no new members for perheeni. It would however appear that she is the official chauffeur for Annabella, sister of Jaava and Jura. She now has five certificates, one from abroad, so is an International Champion. We are of course very proud of her, and astounded that she actually seems to like this whole show palava.
It does have to be reported though that Annabella is in charge of things and has everyone well Under The Paw. The first evening, when Äiti and Annabella's owner cheerfully shut the hotel room doors to leave to go for food, Annabella yelled so loudly and pitifully, that no food was eaten that night as the humans swiftly returned to her, guilt ridden.
And there was additional joy in the genetic heritage of our ninjas when Sirius (their great great grandmother) not only was the judge's favourite but won best in category, and best veteran. She is a truly fine 10 year old lady.
Äiti said it was nice to go away but so much better to come home to us. And she is delighted she has three days 'study leave' from work so she can catch up with her studies. Or so she thinks. And I am pleased to report that this time I am not sulking at being abandoned, and I have been eating. I have also been nipping Äiti's toes at night, just to make sure she knows I know she has some apologising to do still!


Unknown said...

We is always so happy when Mommy comes home! Me is sure yous guys buried your Mommy in Cat fur!

Gigi said...

Annabella is quite beauteous, I must say. I hope she stays where she is, however, as 13 seems enough!

I am very pleased that Mirsku returned in gleaming health from his dental appointment. He looks verreh content on his blankie (I am sure he'd be even more content if it were pink, but I digress....)

I'm glad you are welcoming Aiti home with love bites ;-)

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Glad to hear the big boy is home and doing well. Now if you could just figure out how to keep Aiti at home...

Pee Ess - Annabella is a very beautiful ladycat.

Sparkle said...

At least she came home with presents for you kitties! Actually, that should be a requirement whenever she is gone overnight or longer.

Paws up for Mirsku's successful dental cleaning!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're glad Mirsku is fine after his dental!

Annabella is a lovely ladycat, no wonder she's winning at the shows.

Just as long as your Aiti is a chauffeur only and doesn't come home with anyone else!!! ;-)

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Yes, coming home is always the best bit. Of course, our #1 is now wondering whether she should leave us at all, as she is worried about Tommy. Paws crossed that he is much better tomorrow.

The Chans

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Glad that Mirsku is doing ok. No wonder that gorgeous girl is winning because she is lovely.. Glad you got mum home for a while.. Hugs GJ x

Katie Isabella said...

Oh I love when mommy comes home even wwhen she is just gone for the day. When it's the weekend...you can't pry me loose even though my sitter loves me and I love her. We play and everything but nothing like mommy.

Katie Isabella said...

Mirsku, kissies to you. xxxooo

Mr. Black said...

Anabella is very lovely. And, Sirius, too. Beautiful eyes.