Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Celebrations

Loyal readers, we have had a most magnificent evening. Actually, I, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) have had the most wonderful time. I got a birthday parcel, all for me, from Prancer Pie and his family. My birthday was a while ago so this is a most welcome treat - one can never have enough presents! I was straight in the box.
Jura tried too - but I defended it. Afterall, it says HRH on the envelope: that's 'His Royal Highness' in case you do not know.
Äiti says I look very smug and self-satisfied here.
Look at the toys! The treats! Real American Temptations. And Fancy Feast - we have never seen that. What joy.
And look at the card! A cool ginger cat - now this just suits me fine. I love it.
And i was so happy I did something inexplicable - I gave Jaava-ninja a wash. Yes, a girlcat!
It didn't last though - I got in the box and whacked her away.
ANd then I relished the box with mancat scent marking with my chin.
 And a bit of cardboard chewing.
 Oh yes - good quality cardboard. The box is utterly splendid.
And later I astounded Äiti - and myself. I ate nearly all of one tub of Fancy Feast. Äiti said it was probably 50g out of the 57g and she hasn't seen me eat this much at once in a couple of years. She was very pleased with me - and I am very proud of myself.  And I am extremely grateful to my good buddy Prancer - kiitos kovasti!


Sparkle said...

Those treats and food were awesome... but man, that BOX! That box was the bomb!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Prancer is a good pal to send quality NOMS and a BOX!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Prancer is a good pal to send quality NOMS and a BOX!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We are so happy to see you enjoy your box and goodies. Be sure that your stink wards off any girlcats that might "get ideas" bout your box! Happy Caturday. xoxo

Mr. Black said...

What a good friend Prancer Pie is to send you that box of great stuff! I'm very glad that you had a good appetite. Did you enjoy the broileri? That box looks like a lot of fun.

Those photos were really great.

Pasha's Mommy said...

Would you get lower in that box, so your Mommy can close it and ship it over here? ♥

Gigi said...

Whoa--King P! What a royal haul you got! That is a terrific present. I was interested to read that you ate well. Perhaps my recent dietary habits have inspired you? We luffs Prancer Pie and his family. Especially Precious. She's wicked cool!

The Human will watch me carefully, but she does not think I am unwell. I have leveled off a my new "intake" and she thinks am feeling a little heavier & fuller around the middle, although still on the slender side. She will keep an eye on me!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Wow, cool presents! That chicken appitizers? That is Star's absolute, most best favorite thing of all time! She will destroy anyone to get at that particular food!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We simply ADORE that last photo! What a fabulous gift, box and all. Would we be splitting hairs, however, in mentioning that the correct address in your case would be HM, not HRH?

The Chans

Musta ja Harmaa said...

Pahvilaatikko! Ihanaa!

Katnip Lounge said...

A box, and all the other loot, too! Prancer et al are great pals.

Has Áiti tried FortiFlora? The grandpeeps use it for Shadow, she is a REALLY picky eater and it makes her CHOW down her dinners.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

That was a great box (and the prezzies too). We love the card of the kitty like you. We mean, he even has a scepter!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh what a fabulous treat and you ate so well dear furriend. That pleases all of us so much. You are looking wonderfully happy in your box and you are defending your food as I would were it mine. Xxooxx

Unknown said...

Oh You are a picky eater too!
Me will stuff my face with some food, and then me will choose not to eat it the nex time Mommy puts it out! Me LOVES to driver her crazy!

Kari said...

Cool treats from Prancer Pie! And the imported box is doubley cool!
Your last photo is adorable. Have fun, love.