Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday Therapy

We have a triumphant Tuesday and a very important job to do. Äiti is on sick leave for a few days so we must look after her. We are most pleased about this as she often opens our food cupboard when she stumbles into the kitchen, and as she is feverish it is easy to persaude her that we are indeed starving and she forgot to give us our meals. And her temperature is getting more tolerable for us to lie on her. 
However she is not feeling well enough to transfer new photos across (we hope this will be rectified after a few catupuncture treatments from Tuomo-veli and Pekka-poika), so we have more Magic Fishie shots. This time Jura-ninja is in action. Äiti says she was playing with 'slow' shutter speeds to try to get blurring. Yeah, right.
Jura is most excellent at catching and gathering.
 And eating.
 But the fishie will still escape.
And he can leap around like a kangaroo.
Luckily this bottom of disrespect is blurry.
And this one too.
 But this is the sort of photo Äiti wanted. Jura-ninja is a mighty Magic Fishercat.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Jura ninja has such large, razor claws! Purrfect to rent and render that magic fishie! We are sending lots of warm, healing purrs to Aiti.

Gigi said...

Oh furiends! We here in the Western Realm are saddened to learn of your Äiti's ill health. We purray for a speedy return to wellness! Meanwhile, I see no reason you kitties should not benefit as much as possible from this turn of affairs. If she is forgetful about the timing of your meals, that is all to the good (assuming she does not forget them entirely.) In that case, you have Royal Purrmission to nibble on her as needed (which will probably serve as excellent motivation for her to get up and feed you).
The Human was gone for the majority of this three-day weekend, & thus we have yet to choose your title and realm. It will be forthcoming by this coming weekend, however.

With all good wishes for Äiti's recovery, I remain etc. etc.

Spitty R

Sparkle said...

My human manipulates the settings on her camera so that she can use flash and slow shutter speeds at the same time. The result is both blurred and sharp - it is kind of fun! Maybe your human can try that when she gets better.

Ellen Whyte said...

What a wild kitty! We like to see you all having fun. Blurry or not :-)

Katie Isabella said...

WOW, and I mean that! ALL of you are muscular and vital and beautiful! A joy to see.

I hope your mama gets all better quickly. We are sorry she is sick and feverish but we DO approve of taking advantage of that for more food.

I LOVE that fishy!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

So sorry your mum is sick and I hope she feels better realy soon. Once again fabulous action shots.. Hugs GJ xx

Katnip Lounge said...

We are actually grateful for the burred bottoms.

What is up with such a sickly human? We are sending purrs for Äiti feel better, quickly.

Jenna and Sissy said...

We are sad your human isn't feeling well. We will send healing purrs from our house.

What good action shots with the Magic Fish! We don't care if they are fuzzy :)

GLOGIRLY said...

Big (((purrs))) for Aiti. We sure hope she is feeling better very soon.

From the looks of Jura, ANY camera speed would result in blur! haha!

: ) Katie

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We are very sorry to hear that your Äiti has had to take sick leave but we know you'll take good care of her.

The Chans

Unknown said...

Oh Dears! We send Äiti healing purrs and we knows yous guys is the bestest nurses ever!

Gigi said...

Greetings from the Western Realm:

We trust your Äiti continues to improve and that she is keeping up with your nutritional needs every hour on the hour. We further trust that she is not too weak to engage in the occasional game of magic fish with your Majesty and the minions (BTW, *are* they minions? Or are they members of the Royal Family themselves, complete with titles and lands of their own? If so, I hope they can serve as role models for some of the younger Windsors.)

Yr obedient etc. etc.
Spitty R