Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday Sneakiness

Jaava-ninja is very friendly with all us mancats, and tries to sneak up for a snuggle. This is not always welcomed, and grumpy guts Tuomo doesn't like his personal space being invaded.
She has more success with Mirsku-veli and joins him in plotting mischief.
Mirsku is enough of a pawful without getting any ideas from a sneaky girlcat. She stirs up trouble and then retreats to watch from afar. But of course butter wouldn't melt in that sweet little mouth.


Gigi said...

Jaava better get used to the fact that Mirsku has a, um, "LadyCat friend" now who might possibly disapprove of liaisons with Ninja GirlCats, 'specially ones who share his house.

Just sayin'. No need to invade, ha ha meow!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

A BOOTIFUL ladycat that likes to snuggle? Oh you better believe I'm on my way over!!!!!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Surely, you jest. Jaava looks as innocent as a lamb. No ladycat ever committed any sneakiness around this house, either. Hahahameow! - pawtaps from Precious. (we girl cats gotta stick together!)

Sparkle said...

Jaava is a girl after my own heart! Heh-heh.

Unknown said...

Now she is my kind of girl cat!

Gigi said...

P.S. We has a question. We have been sharing the news of our Finnish Princedom far and wide and do not wish to embarrass ourselves by mispronouncing the NAME of my swamp. Now, we know that no one here in the Great State of california would probably even KNOW if we *did* mispronounce it, but still.

We've been saying "KEE-MAH-MAAAH" with the last syllable dragged out a bit since it carries all the weight of that extra "a". How close is that to the right way to say it?

We humbly request your gracious instruction.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Well, Jaava certainly wouldn't have to sneak around us to get a cuddle!

Kari said...

You don't like to cuddling with pretty lady cats? We man cats will be right over.