Saturday, 8 September 2012

Blue Blood Saturday

We declare a weekend of feasting, on both sides of the Atlantic (or Pacific if you choose the other route). Negotiations have been successful with King Spitty of California and the Westen Wastelands, Prince of Kiimamaa and we are good buddies and happy to share a sauna together. Though of course II shall be on the top bench as King Spitty might not be mancat enough to take the löyly. We have awarded  each other titles in honour of this 'special relationship'.
Äiti was busy, and produced first of all, my very own heraldic shield. We have the blue and white of my beloved Finnish flag, me represented - of course -as a raging lion, guarding the kissanminttu crop, and with a royal, kingly crown.
And then she designed this for Spitty, Prince of Kiimamaa. He gets a recumbent lion (but no pink beddy - that would just look wrong), ducal crown which has less gold than mine, and two flaming canon balls, which of course have been only recently removed from his good self.
We have sent him a view of Kiimamaa - well, a swamp very similar to the one in Kiimamaa which is in fact 200km from us. But it's a very typical Finnish swamp. There will be hirvi (moose) and loads of things to eat like mice and voles and lemmings and lots of birds. Perhaps the odd eagle or two. And maybe a bear. But Spitty can quickly build a wooden castle and sauna, and he'll be fine. And we do confess that Kiimamaa translates as the Land of Rutting. The swamp is very fertile, and we hope this can remind King Spitty of times before he was 'tutored'.
And look at what I have! He has designed a logo for me. Well, Americans do not have a heraldic history so I have to be trendy with a logo.
 At first he suggested I take control of this building and manicured lawn.
It was very nice, for a while, but not really me.  I don't like close cut lawns where mice cannot hide, and certainly not places of politics and human government. I am cat of the fields and forests, and I would feel imprisoned. So, good King Spitty allowed me my foibles and I am now the proud Prince of Presidio. Just look at it!
How awesome is this ? I have a huge scratching post or two on the Golden Gate Bridge - and it will indeed be golden once I have been busy peemailing. And look at those forests. This is just grand. I am very proud, and long may the paw of friendship be outstretched between us. With the occasional game of smacky paw just to keep us amused!


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

That first one? We love its long tongue and tail...

Gigi said...

Greetings from the Western Wastelands,

We are pleased you found the Presidio more to your liking. I look forward to occasional Kingly wrasslin' matches amongst the eucalyptus groves, followed by romps across the GG Bridge--we can pee over the side!!

On Sunday I will be posting about my first trip to Kimamaa and plans for building myself a small abode.

The Human has been most uncooperative these past few days, claiming 'zawstion but I dunno--why doesn't she just take more naps??

Sparkle said...

You gave Spitty a swamp? Does it have Finnish alligators?

Katnip Lounge said...

Flaming Cannon Balls!

We almost wish we could be RE-tutored, just to get some of those. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Wau PPP! We are totally astonished... King Spitty is something we cannot expected... But you are king of the forest, king of the swamp, king of the respect, king of the ordinary life! Thank you.

Vilperi with servant

Katie Isabella said...

Oh BOTH of you. I am awed. This is even better than I had imagined with my poor ability to conjure how the land and Coats of Arms would be parsed out and created.

I am just in awe as I said. The flaming cannon balls were a touch of genius. I think I need to go curl up Nd nap. I am overwhelmed.

Kari said...

We don't get all this land stuff but we do get feasting! Let the party begin!