Wednesday, 8 August 2012

World Cat Day -war averted

Loyal Readers, we were about to get up and welcome World Cat Day when we saw this picture on King Spitty's blog. I have shamelessly stolen it for the whole world to see.

I have interpreted it as a possible threat so have left him this message:

'Now, King Spitster, you do know where you are standing right ? You do know your paw is just to the side of mighty Finland, don't you ? You do know I am King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) and will also defend the South as necessary, right ? You better not have any ideas about sneaking that paw just to you right and claiming ownership - cause if you do I  will have to declare war on you and it would not exactly demonstrate good diplomatic skills like you have been trying to practice. Not a bad week, eh - upsetting all the gorgeous girlcats and now threatening Finland. Now if you are happy to stay where you are squashing Russia we will say no more but if you plan on jigging about then you are In Trouble. First we will launch a ninja attack and then a Mirsku Missile will be deployed.
So, what do you say ? Are you wanting to politely knock on the door and come for a quick sauna and delicious Finnish fishies, or is this a hostile take over bid ?'

We are hoping that he is wishing to pay us a friendly visit, and does not have a twitchy paw which will venture over the border into the forests of Karelia. Now we ourselves are hopefully safe as we are on the west coast, furthest from him, but you never know. We have asked Äiti to buy extra provisions just in case. King Spitty is very welcome for a friendly visit so we can discuss the pressures of being world leaders, but oh my goodness, he does make life difficult for himself. Hehehehe.

Update: Phew! King Spitty has issued a profound apology and the Mirsku Missile Crisis has been averted. We are most grateful and invite King Spitty to the sauna for makkara (that's tasty sausages) and muikku (fishies) and probably a whole load of kissanminttu. Tervetuloa! Welcome dude!


Ellen Whyte said...

Sausages???!!!! We're on our way over!

Happy World Cat Day!

Catio Tales said...

Perhaps we should have a huge party as it is World Cat Day and peace has broken out!

Pelle said...

Oh good! very nice of You to keep the World Cat Piece. If he won´t come to You I´m offering me to come instead *yam... muikku...dreaming away* Don´t bother with the sauna, mum told me it´s a hot and wet place

Saila said...

Oh! Mirsku Missile Crisis nearly at hand! What a relief it's over.
Happy World Cat Day to you too!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh you have made my mom's DAY! Thank you for this post! xoxoxox

Mamma N said...

Me halutaan mukaan juhliin!

Unknown said...

Me was hoping King Spitty had gots himself into a cat fight, but, alas, no. Yous guys is much more nice than me is.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Good! Spitty just got himself Out of trouble with a whole bunch of ladycats! We think a celebration of sausages sound wonderful. The Mommy prefers her celebrations wif wine, though! MOL!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Whew! Crisis averted! Poor Spitty, he's having a heck of a time lately!

Happy World Cat Day!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

King Spitty is very wise to apologise. A Ninja attack followed by a Mirsku missile would have us shaking in our boots (if we wore them).