Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday with the Magic Fish

When the ninjas take a pause for breath, some of the rest of us can have a chance with the Magic Fish.
Pekka was leaping around after it.
He was trying to keep up with it.
He's not quite as athletic as the butterballs but he's pretty good at catching it.
So, what is this Magic Fish ??? Well, we think these are now very rare as they were available in England over 6 years ago. There was also Green Bug and Yellow Snake, and these were all wand toys. They were made by Whiskas and any cat who had one seemed to love them. Äiti was delighted as it was a toy which Harris and Lewis liked to play with. These photos were taken many years ago, in England.

I think it is really funny there is carpet on the floor. Äiti says when she moved out the carpet was cat fur coloured, hehehe.
When Äiti knew that the Magic Fish toy was hard to buy she trawled through ebay and bought a load. She has since rationed them out, and only ever given them to our special friends. We have not been able to find the hidden supply, and Äiti tells us that there aren't any left, so we have to play nicely with it! No chance.  Our Magic Fish is on a longer string now, and it gives it extra speed - just what is needed to avoid ninja capture. But sometimes, it also needs a rest. 
Äiti was wondering if there were any other fans of the Magic Fish out there ?
And I would like to thank my loyal readers for the comments yesterday. Your diplomatic skills are most gracious: you all of course would like to see more photos of your humble servant, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) but a variety is welcomed - in fact more photos all round! I shall see what Äiti can do. She was a bit frowny about this as she has to go back to work soon so has less time to remember to take the filter off the camera (hehehe, Fuzzy tales) but she says she'll try! There is no sport setting on her camera - not the one she usually uses anyway - but she says she will keep persevering with the mission for the perfect ninja shot. And of course with the best shots of my humble self too. Afterall, it will soon be time for my fourth birthday portrait! I'm getting myself spruced up already.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Is the Magic Fish sumthing that you can only see after a nipfest? MOL! Great pics again.

Sparkle said...

How come, whenever there is an especially awesome cat toy, humans stop making it! It's a conspiracy!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

My goodness, don't all of you love that magic fish!

Katnip Lounge said...

Check out this site--it appears that they carry the Magic Fish!


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We have a fish too but we don't know if it is a magic fish like yours. Ours is blue and has a flippy tail.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We looked at the Lounge kitties link and our fishie is exactly like that.