Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday Triumph

We thank you  for your comments yesterday, and feel the envy oozing towards us. We are indeed lucky that Äiti does these things for us (and of course her adviser, the great man who built the catio and a few other useful additions!). Äiti is very much of the opinion that we are in the house more than she is, so it should be suited to us. However she does wonder what might happens if she wants to move and sell the place as apparently I have knocked thousands off the selling price with my own graffiti!  And by the way, Äiti herself totally lacks style - probably because she is a Brit and not one of our great Finnsih designers, hehehehe. Uh-oh, she might be reading this. Better be careful.
And now my grateful thanks go to Prancer of the Prancer Pie blog who has sent me the 'one lovely blog' award. This was ages ago but we have had so much to post about, we haven't got round to it so far. I love awards, nearly as much as I love rubbing my chin on just about every surface possible!
So for this award I have to say seven things about me.
Äiti has been telling me I should share these things but 7 into thirteen means half a thing about each of us which doesn't work - at least not until this got HIJACKED by Äiti who decided it would be nice to write things about pairs of us! Pah! I thought it was MY award. Then she pointed it out that it was an award for the blog, which she types up for me. I am between a rock and a hard place, loyal readers, so I better let her have her way. There is a need to humour her after all.
So what can we say:
1. Harris and Lewis are littermates and were taken to the Moggery eläinkoti in Bristol because their humans were moving and they thought were too boring. Actually, they were just very scared and nervous, so heaven knows what an awful time they had for the first 4 years of their lives. Äiti would still like to meet these humans one day in a dark alleyway.......
2. Aila and Stran are also from the Moggery. Stran was a street cat who had been many years in a rough area, and was starving, going blind and had been shot; Aila was born with two sisters to a young mother cat who didn't know what to do so the placenta had to be removed by a vet. Aila came to live with Äiti when she was six weeks old and immediately Stran took responsibility for her upbringing!
3. Roosa and Risto are also littermates and came from Oulu eläinkoti many years ago, and went to live in Muhos. They stick together and when they had to be rehomed as their lovely human died two years ago, Äiti refused to let them be separated so they came to us.
4. Tuomo and Pekka came from Raahe eläinkoti and both had been out in the cold Finnish climate for a while before being brought in by kind humans. Pekka spent a winter in old buildings in Vihanti, and Tuomo was fed by a kind farmer who managed to catch him. The farmer was called Tuomo!
5. Jaava and Jura ninja had a much nicer experience, being born into the Kissmollin household with loads of comfort and stimulation and love, and they came to live with us when they were 12 weeks old.  Äiti met them when they were two days old! Even then Jaava was very assertive and pushed the others away so she could get the best milk.
6. Ruska and Mirsku are our giants. Both however had narrow escapes from the L*st Inj*ction. Shudder. Mirsku was taken by his previous human to a vet, who persuaded him to go to eläinkoti instead; Ruska was very distressed when his human died and he was split up from his best buddies. He was very aggressive and wild, and was thought to be unhomeable but Äiti said that he deserved a final chance and could come and hide with us if he wanted to. He came in, saw his pal Rilli, and then it was obvious he had a new home. Äiti is just sorry it took her so long to do the right thing.
7. Punapippuri - hey, that's me: and I don't have to share it with anyone! So what can I say about me ? There is so much to say! Well, I had a very lucky start - I was found in the fields of Muhos, and taken in by some very kind people, who took me to ystävämme eläinlääkäri on the day that Äiti came in to visit with poor Monty cat. And I looked at Äiti with kitten eyes and came home with her. I was maybe 5 or 6 weeks old. My tummy was full of worms.  No one knows where I came from, or what happened to my mother cat and any litter mates, but now I have perheeni and am very happy. Even if I don't get my way all the time.
So now I have to pass this on - I find this very hard because each day I peruse so many blogs and it is hard to pick from them. But loyal reader, if you have read this far and you yourself have a blog: please take this award. Especially if you are from the Nordic countries, because we would love to learn more about our near neighbours!  I can then  read 7 wonderful things about you!


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Congrats on the awardie. Its a lovely one!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We didn't know all of these interesting facts! Thank you fur linking us up and we love that pic of scenting up your mat. What excellent marksmanship!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Congratulations on your award!

Sparkle said...

Concatulations on the award! And even though you may differ with your human about this, Puna, I am still glad she let everyone have a part in the answers!

Katie Isabella said...

Congratulations on the awardie and I was fascinated to learn about your kitties. This is Katie's mom speaking this time. Their story was very happy in the end and I am so grateful to you, their mommy for making them this beautiful home and loving them. xo

Kari said...

Your Aiti is the best and you were blessed to become part of her family. We didn't know your individual histories and always find it touching to know each kitty's back story. We also love to know how kitties get/ got their names. Thank your Aiti for this lovely post with a truly happy ending.
Love to all. Kari, Gran, and the Cats
(Puna, you still hold the title of one of the most
adorable kitties ever.)

Mamma N said...

Hienoja tarinoita! Teillä on superhyvä äiti.

Helmi Orvokki Naukula said...

Well, I am no good English speaker but I need to tell you that my mamma tells that I come from Porvoon Lastenkoti for Cats.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

This was a super fabulous post and we really enjoyed reading every word!

The Chans

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Concats on your award. Aiti is an angel to give you all such a loving happy home.

Anonymous said...

What a great post :) Concats you guys!
P.S. New giveaway over at our new blog happening now!