Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sporting Saturday

First we wish to thank you for your support for Stran-veli. He is doing just fine and making sure all is well in perheeni. He's back to his usual self now he is off the nasty medrox. We know it works for others, but not him, so he won't get it again. And Äiti will of course makes sure he gets good food that will help his kidneys for a long time. It also makes my tail fluff with pride reading all the comments from my loyal readers - you clearly love Stran-veli. And I swell with patriotism to read how many comments are from readers kotimaassani who have welcomed this Britcat as one of our own!

And we are proud to announce our entries into the 2012 Cat Blogosphere Olympics.  Team Punapippuri is wanting medals! We have been limbering up and trying to make sure Äiti has the camera ready whenever we have had some action in the events.  we know these are all on the hosts' blogs but thought we would post them all for your enjoyment. With commentary of course.

Event 1: Counter Surfing

Hosted by the  Katnip Lounge
We are allowed on all counters, worktops etc in the house - what a silly suggestion that we might not be! However Äiti does keep most of them clear because we use some of them, ahem, for the wrong sort of activity.
Here we have Aila-sisko watching us all from a safe place. This counter is never abused!
And Jaava-ninja checking the bin which is on one of the counters. She went a bit far and of course we had to get this shot!

Event 2: Smackdown

Hosted by the  Allie, Ellie, Tami, Cubby and Clifford
This is a really difficult one for us, as there have been so many excellent smack downs, involving many of us, so here we have allowed the team to submit several entries (but strictly one per cat- as the rules say).
This is Pekka's entry- his smackdown of me! I am grabbing him in self defense.
Jura and Harris in a joint smackdown
Stran in a smack down of Tuomo. Stran has excellent poise - just look at that tail alignment.
My smackdown of an angry bird. Perfect focus with my eyes and most excellent paw positioning to whack the birdie. 
Mirsku's smackdown of the red wandy stick thing. He relishes this.

Event 3: Synchronised Snoozing

Hosted by the Wally, Ernie and Zoey
Mirsku and Ruska in a synchronised belly-bask. They didn't orient themselves properly, but both have their paws extended to the left. But the tails boys, the tails! If we don't get a medal here, it's because your tails are pointing different ways. Pah!
Pekka and me in a synchronised bed snooze. We both turn to the left. Synchronised. Perfect. Just ignore the tails.

Event 4: Balance Beam

Hosted by the Cory Cats
Mirksu in a true balance situation. The board should be horizontal but he is balanced enough to give Äiti a really nasty stare. He managed to stay here for a while before gravity did what it always does !

Event 5: High Jump  - it looks like these never got through by email  so we have ended up not being entered in this event. We are NOT impressed. Pah!!!!!

Hosted by Penelope and Kozmo Cat from Hell
Me! Oh yes, Tuomo-veli needs vaulting over or he'll get grumpy.
Pekka! This is accentuated by some tail fluff.
Ruska! he was leaping after a laser dot. He is a mighty, athletic panther. And he is not jumping away from me - I am just there to supervise.
Jura ninja! Yup, bad photoshopping out of the background - fail here Äiti. But what a leap!
Jaava ninja! No photoshop here - she really does bend like this naturally.

Mirsku - he's very brave leaping away in the snow.

Event 6: Team Lounging

Hosted by the  DaisyMae Maus 
A summer lounge. Enough said.

Event 7: Competitive Nip Bliss out

Hosted by  Callie and Sassy
Stran is in there somewhere rubbing his chin on the nip.
Aila - her head is on the nip toy. Her mind is somewhere else.
Mirsku saturating the cigar. Yeuch.
Ruska snorting the ess. Focus, sheer blissed out focus.
And me, after indulging.

Event 8: Fiercful Yawning

Hosted by  Kashim, Othello and Salome
This is Nomi, the littermate of Jaava and Jura when he was pikku pentu before he had left home to go to Finland (South)
And me! Just wishing the birdies coming to the feeder behind would fall in to my mouth.

So we think there are some medal winners in this lot! Good luck to every cat who enters - and Äiti keeps telling me it is the taking part that counts, not the winning!


Angel Prancer Pie said...

OMC! These are most spectacular entries! We never knew most of you were Olympians! (Aiti too-great Olympic style with her camera!) Good to hear Stran is doing well! Happy weekend, furriends!

Kari said...

We need some new categories. The one with you and the red angry bird looks like a perfect entry for the kitty shot put entry And that little ninja, the queen of womens floor exercises! Please give Stran hugs and kisses from all of us.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

I see a lot of gold in these photos!!!

Mamma N said...

Vau! Great games ♥

Ana said...

Wonderful pics, and a lot of them too!

Sparkle said...

These are AWESOME entries! You all are fierce competitors! Good luck!

Sanni ja Olivia said...

Wow! Just - wow! You guys are all aiming really the medal levels there. Mum found the one with Jaava in the bin most amusing. Good work team Punapippuri, we are waving your flag here in Puolivälinkangas and are proud to have such team representing Oulu! Loistavaa!

Cherry City Kitties said...

The Finnish team is gonna give the world a run for their money. Onnea!

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

- Virpi said...

Dear Pikku Punapippuri, you sure do have an exciting life with all of your handsome friends! I was happy to meet your äiti today, which was so nice. Lilli, Nuppu and Inkeri wants to say hello!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You have a lot of excellent entries for the Olympics!
We are glad that Stran is doing okay.