Monday, 23 July 2012

Monumental Monday

Oh yes, we have a new Stran-Dunk!  That's 4 now. Äiti has found they have to resist strong forces, and knows you cannot just screw them into the wall. This one is mounted on a pole, covered with a mat. You will see why.......
Here is the first stage of testing - the gentle burmese bounce. Jaava was carefully placed in the hoop. It held.
And then the test of the pole/climbing post.
Now, we have  to get to the Stran-dunk. It's at the top of the wall - so that's why there's a climbing mat. By the way, the mats are screwed to the wall - they wouldn't stay if they were nailed or glued or velcroed. Good old screws and washers. This pole is also screwed to the wall. It doesn't look so good but it works. Anyway, I spotted  our new tower and of course I was the first to climb the pole.
Yes, that really is a picture of an osprey in its nest pooing. I don't understand Äiti sometimes. She takes weird photos.
 But look at this athletic, strong mancat climbing as high as the sky! This is worthy of a photo.
I easily manage to climb in to the hoop.
 As you can see. Look at those grippy toes.
 Oh yes, I can see my kingdom. All must look up to me.
And I can mark the pole.
 Hmmm, it's a long way up.
But maybe I need to rub my chin over the ceiling. Oh yes, my mancat marks can go to a whole new level.
But now perhaps I want to get down.
Erm ...... Okay, this is quite high.
Äiti, did you consider the effect it might have on my knees ? Do you remember how much my patella surgery cost?! And the pain ? Well, luckily I am a brave mancat so here I go.....
Phew! Only the most agile of us can get there, so it should be a safe place. So imagine our shock when we spotted Mirsku-veli up there later.
If there are reports of an earthquake from Finland (North), then it's just Paksu-poika jumping down. No worries.


Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Wow oh wow oh wow!!! You've got the best peeps ever!!!!! Look at what they have constructed for you! That has got to be the most amazing feat of engineering there has ever been in the whole wide world. Well, you know what they say... Finlanders are EXCELLENT architects. I can say that 'cause my peep #1 has a Finnish last name 'cause her dad was born there. purrs

Sparkle said...

I did not expect to see Mirsku up there!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! What a cool place to hang out! We're jealous!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

That is so pawsome! We simply must have one of those is our catio in the new house! Aiti has great "cat" sense!

Angel Simba said...

OMC! How awesome. If I had claws to climb like Stran, I would so want one. I am sure Audrey does!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Holy cod, look at that!!!!

We want one...or ten. OMC, brilliant! And those photos...Oh, do save them for the next round of the Olympics, if you're too late to enter the gymnastics, etc., now.

Katnip Lounge said...

IMAGINE the tensile strength of the fabric in the Stran-Dunk!! To support Mirksu it has to be enormous.

Ellen Whyte said...

We want one! No, we want THREE!!!!

Kari said...

Mirsku! Oh oh!
Is this the beginning of an othopaedic nightmare for your Aiti? We were thinking about your leg in particular, Puna darling. But Mirsku! That's a whole lot of cat hurtling toward earth. Maybe a trampoline at the bottom?

Kari said...

Oh, P.S. Puna, you look positively adorable sitting atop the Stran-dunk! Our mum just wants to cover you in kisses. Or is that why you're up there?

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You have the most wonderful places to go. Aiti is so thoughtful to make you the great Stran Dunks. Kari's comment made us laugh. We had visions of Mirsku jumping off onto a trampoline and not being able to stop bouncing back up and down again.

Pelle said...

I´m green with envy! Not trendy against my red fur! What a purrfekt thing You got there.Your Kingdom lays totally under Your paws.
Has to talk to dad about some refurninshings here, lucky he goes on wacation now *mjau, dad...hey, me want to show You...!*