Saturday, 11 February 2012

Super Saturday

Äiti has promised us she is spending most of the weekend at home, and will take lots of photos. We are very happy and sleeping away the afternoon to celebrate.  But Rilli-ukko is especially pleased, as he had a yummy breakfast. He is becoming more fussy about food, and has lost weight but we are really encouraging him to have lovely stuff to help him keep his energy up and keep his poorly kidneys going. He just LOVES muikku!
I apologise to you, loyal readers, for the sound quality but Äiti decided to keep the noise in because you can hopefully hear Rilli's satisfied chomping when he gets going on the fishies.


Anonymous said...

Fine PPP! You are real KING, cause you help old fellow. And RILLI-UKKO, EAT MUIKKU so much you can. That is good stuff.

Vilperi with servant

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That breakfast looks really tasty and Rilli-ukko was really tucking in to the little fish.

Angel Simba said...

Being hand fed those little fishies - Rilli, you are well loved!!! And a creme fraiche starter! NYUM!

Sparkle said...

That video made me hungry!

Katnip Lounge said...

We are packing our little bags and will be RIGHT over...our lousy Mommy feeds us SLOP compared to the offerings at your house.

pee ess: who is meowing in the background?