Monday, 30 January 2012

Mighty Monday

We have had the most stupendous weekend. It's been really cold (-20'C) so we didn't go outside - frozen peemails attached to the 'tocks are not nice.  Äiti recognised our need for entertainment so she provided playtime and valerian root. We were rioting! There will be more photos in the week but I have been insisting that the first post has to show my mighty prowess. 
When Äiti gets up out of her pit (it's filthy and Tuomo-veli is still snoring on the bed), she moves the yellow blanky. This is my clue to leap on the bed and help her. I usually end up under the blanky.
 This morning Stran-veli jumped on the bed too.
 He began bashing the wonderful yellow lump that was my most royal self.
 I tussled under the blanky.
 He made ready to leave, but I had other plans.
Disappointingly Äiti's camera was not fast enough to catch the amazingly nifty and skilful move I made next. I leapt up and rolled, and covered Stran-veli with the blanky, freeing myself. Äiti stood astounded- Even Tuomo-veli was impressed (he had moved to the safety of the hammick).
 And now I get to pounce on the blanky lump.
 Stran-veli was a bit spooked by this. He's not used to my status as top cat!
He stayed quite still and was a little nervous. Äiti thinks this is because at some point he might have been blind because of his eyes being injured, and he was on the streets then, which would have been scary.  So I was most gentle with him.
And Äiti made sure he was okay.
He calmly emerged, ready to chase us all round the house!
 Playful is an understatement. No one is safe when he gets all leapy and cuddly.


Sparkle said...

What a fun game of bed monster!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

That is way too cold--but I see you made excellent use of your time.

m.q said...

happy monday guys!!!

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow family

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That was an exciting game of bed monsters!