Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Slurping

Tuomo-veli is enjoying life with the ninjas. He is also playing lots, but always by his rules.  When he spots a butterball, he wanders over and sits on them!
 And then he starts biting and washing them. For an old grumpy cat, he is actually being quite sweet most of the time. Luckily they are no longer tiny pikku pentu and can cope! But somehow I think Jaava does not enjoy his washes that much!
And, unsurprisingly, Jaava-ninja is learning to fight back!
Tuomo is proving to be tricky when it comes to his medicine too. He now loves making Äiti run after him with a spoon of crushed tablets and creme fraiche. Sometimes he goes up and down stairs twice before he agrees to lick the spoon. However, should she reach out to grab him, his mighty defenses appear and he becomes a vey big, muscular butterball who can slide out of every grip and grasp.


Katnip Lounge said...

Forcible grooming MUST be defended! Sometimes after the ear gets washed, but hey...
We would enjoy watching the medicine dance!

Sparkle said...

Tuomo doesn't know how lucky he is - after I get chased around the house, I get a pill summarily shoved down my throat - and NO creme fraiche!