Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Whippersnapper Wednesday

 Mirsku-veli is paw stretching on the ess. He is careful not to overdo it - the last exercise he did resulted in a 4 hour nap! He suddenly realises he has company.
One paw grabs and the other is raised - ready to thwack out violently. You can just see the tension in his muscles. It looks like he will pack a mean punch - not!
 But Jura-ninja knows his place and rolls over anyway.
 But he is certainly not prepared for the response. Mirsku nuzzles him.......
 And gets a paw in the face as a reward!
And then the worst insult - the bottom of disrespect is turned towards him. Mirsku has to look away - afterall Jura is just showing off now.
 Mirsku squeezes himself back into ess to reflect on how ungracious the youth of today are. What should he do with this whippersnapper ?


Sparkle said...

Wow, Jura is lucky he was not soundly twacked!

Kari said...

We LOVE the effect the little kitties have had on the family. Adorable! J &J are lovely little ones and they know it. Bless them all .