Monday, 7 November 2011

Mirsku's Monday

Mirsku-veli was so very impressed by our friend May Ling's exercise routine on the Katnip Lounge blog, he decided he'd try his very own work out on our ess.  Only he didn't want to overdo it, so he decided he'd just exercise his laser eyes. 
He started his warm up with just one eye.
And then the right began to warm up. Pekka-poika was beginning to get edgy - he didn't like the look of it all!
And now both were glowing bluish.
And then full on green.
And the yellow-eyed climax.
And finally the cool down, with a red-eyed stretch to ease off gently.
How does he do it ? We are in awe. It does take a lot of energy, and he needed a lot of nap time to recover.
 Poor Mirksu, he was so exhausted.
4 hours later............

We have just read that Jack the Cat, who had been lost in a US airport thanks to the unbelievable incompetence of an airline, then found and reunited with his owner after starving for a month, has very sadly had to pass to the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad but he is now at peace, and no longer scared. RIP Jack: may it never happen again. 


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh my! Mirsku you certainly run through all the colors of the rainbow! Those pics said it all. xoxo

Pee Ess - you might consider a little better tail placement when nappin. We can see your business. hahameow!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Mirsku, you are clearly a top cat model!!! Look at those poses!!

Katnip Lounge said...

All the ergs and joules and watts expended...we don't think a four hour nap is gonna do it...especially since the toe splay probably pushed you into a further energy deficit!
May Ling is impressed.

Sparkle said...

I think Mirsku overexerted himself!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Mirksu, we're in awe of your laser eyes. What a workout! No wonder you were exhausted and slept for several hours afterward.

We're sending our purrs to Jack's family, and purray that procedures for pet transport change for the better.

Christine and FAZ said...

Oh my goodness, now that is impressive. FAZ

meowmeowmans said...

Wowee, Mirsku, your eyes are amazing and enchanting! We can understand why you were so tired afterwards.

We are very sad about Jack, and are praying and purring for his family. It is so wrong that that poor cat had to go through all that he did. It should have never happened in the first place ... the laws for pet transport really need to be changed.