Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Loyal readers, a quick test for you: who does this paw belong to ? I'll help you a little - it is not mine.
 And another clue - this is the ear of the very same cat.
And this is an even bigger clue, as he stands behind that stupid book.
Äiti maintains it is very interesting and she is hoping it will tell her why Rilli-ukko is a tuxie cat with two areas of tabby stripes! And to all of you with humans interested in the book we think you better watch out as the insanity is clearly catching. However a genetic plot to give us thumbs would be good so we could manipulate things better: we are already magnificent at manipulating our humans, afterall!

We know you have guessed the id of the mystery cat- it's Tuomo-veli!
Tuomo-veli is doing very well on his thyroid treatment. He is better tempered than before which has given us all a break. He eats his tablet twice  day crushed up in creme fraiche and he gets this first, while all of the rest of us have to wait for our food. At least it means he is not eating all of our rations and he has put on some weight too (he's a bit tubby now!).  At night he is most demanding and sleeps by Äiti's pillow, and everytime she wakes up he rolls on his back for a tummy tickle. Sometimes he decides to bite and rabbit punch but Äiti says he is much gentler than he used to (meaning she doesn't need first aid afterwards). 
He is still grumpy with some of us but Aila-sisko can scare him and put him in his place - which is better than when he was chasing her and she ended up with two naughty kneecaps and major surgery. Even the kittens sometimes get a friendly sniff from him, but he really just wants to be Äiti's main mancat. She has to be quite diplomatic with him sometimes.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Glad to hear you're better! The Mommy has a soft spot in her heart fur tuxies. Haf a pawsome day, kittehz. Purrs.

Mr Puddy said...

Toumo, That's good news about you are doing well. and Me and my mom love your story in bed : )
Mom said I should learn from you about about be much gentler mancat cause now it's so close to summer, my mom don't want to end up with first aid.
Purrs for you more, Tuomo

Angel Simba said...

Tuomo, that is good news. You keep that thyroid behaving well with taking your medicines. It sounds like you are a happier cat now.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better with the medication and as it continues to get in your system you will improve even more.. Hugs GJ xx

Kari said...

Tuomo! Such a handsome fellow with such adorable feeties! Love, love the photo of you laughing! And are we ever glad to know you are feeling better on your medication. It's wonderful that you will take it for your Aiti without too much fuss. Bless you, love, and all of you family too!