Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tardy Saturday

Loyal readers, I can only apologise for the lateness of my post. I am considering advertising Äiti on ebay if she does not get her act together. She says she's not well - and it is true she has been in bed and warmer than usual. However she said that she had to clean the house today because someone is coming to check the radiators next week and we may have been a bit messy on them.  She hates maintenance people coming as it means cleaning. So therefore we hate them too.
Anyway she has now collapsed exhausted so we have pinned her to the sofa and finally got her to type today's blog entry. She has also been ridiculously bad at leaving comments - we have been visiting you, loyal friends, we promise!
Luckily we still have sufficient routine so that we get fed. If we didn't you would hear about it on international news, my friends! I am still getting special treatment but Äiti says I am not eating enough. I am happy though. But do check out the hungry vultures near me, as I get my yummy dry food.
 Jaava-ninja is recovered enough to go stealing my food!
 Her head is small enough to get out of the cup. But I shall maybe put some glue in it for next time!
But I do not object to Ruska taking my food when I have had my fill. Particularly as he eats from Äiti's hand.
You may recall Ruska was very close to having no life because he was so wild and angry. We are very proud that he can trust us all enough to do this.
Äiti knows he will never be a lap cat, but actually that's just as well because there's a lot of competition for who goes on her lap!


Angel Simba said...

We hope your Aiti feels 100% soon. Isn't it funny the way humans clean up for people coming to the house to do work! And visitors too! Cats would not bother if it was only up to them.

Katnip Lounge said...

Humans are such weak and puny creatures, unlike us robust and hearty Cats! The warmer the better we say.
We have never had a radiator to christen; the smell of hot whizz must be heavenly. Jealous!

Sparkle said...

I am glad that even though your human has not been feeling well, she has not shirked her feeding duties. You are right, that would be an international incident if she did!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad Ruska has calmed down. He looks like he eats very gently now.
We hope Aiti is soon feeling better.

Kari said...

Oh no! Your Aiti is poorly! We hope she feels better with some rest and kitty cuddles. Don't forget to have her drink lots of water.
You know, your Aiti may one day be very surprised when Ruska jumps into her lap or she awakens to find Ruska cuddled at her side.
Our bridge brother was a true feral kitty: he hardly ever let anyone touch him. But our gran, with her Alzheimer's, would sit next to him and pet him! We'd find him asleep on her bed! No one else could get near him. Cats! Who can figure them!