Friday, 28 October 2011

Remembering Monty

The autumn break always brings sad, and happy, memories for Äiti. She came to Finland in summer 2008 with the 5 Britcats. Monty-cat was a miracle already.  He had been on the streets of Bristol (which were not very nice) and already had a smashed up ribcage - his röntgen was amazing. The vet in Bristol thought he had been in a bad accident when younger and never got cared for. He came to the cat home where Äiti volunteered and had his thyroid out; he was getting better but still in a bad way. Every day when Äiti would come to his cage to clean and feed him, he dragged his old bones together and, stood up and stretched and purred. He looked rough, and Äiti's heart was breaking for him. She took him home. Here he is in the first week when he had all the food and cuddles he could want.
And he loved cuddling - every night he would climb under the duvet and lie on top of Äiti. His fur grew back and he became the grumpy, demanding old man of the family. He would dash about and play though, and he also enjoyed going for walks on a leash. This doesn't happen in suburban Bristol but Äiti didn't care what people thought: Monty was happy!
He got on well with the others, provided he got his cuddles at the end of the day. He was very proud. He had a reputation at the vet's though and it took three people plus a towel to get his claws clipped! He wailed and moaned like pikku pentu! He never bit Äiti though. 
When Äiti decided to move here, she was worried about Monty. He had had his second thyroid removed and was quite arthritic. His weight was also dropping.  When all her stuff was being packed, he was not so happy. Äiti thinks that once he had had a family who packed up and left him behind, and he remembered that.  Äiti left everyone for a week while she sorted her new life ready for the Britcats in Finland. They had a fantastic cat sitter who brought a whole roast chicken round everyday. And other people came to visit too, just to keep the Britcats company and give them tickles, as Äiti had left, and the house was empty except for litter trays and food bowls. It must have been weird! Finally though everyone was packed up (Stran and Aila in one crate, Harris and Lewis in another, and Monty had his own crate), and the huge scary journey began. Äiti - nervous and excited -  went to our airport and was reunited with everyone. Monty was just as before: he stood up, stretched and purred when he saw her.
Now he had a huge empty apartment to claim as his own, along with the other Britcats.  Look - they had a new sofa to put fur all over.
He liked his new place and settled fast.
He was really quick with string - many pieces were shredded by his claws and paws. 
By the end of October he had however got very thin, and Äiti took him to ystävämme eläinlääkäri. And on that day there was a little surprise - me!  I had just been found and taken there, needing a home. Äiti took one look at me and I was safe. She was worried about how Monty would react because he was so old and sick: his poor kidneys had failed and she knew it was soon his time. But he was very kind and patient with me - especially as he had never met a Finncat before.
 This is a very special photo - all of us together. Monty would always be closest to where Äiti would sit.
But it was time for Monty and even though I only knew him for a few days, I know he was very special.
With bowed heads and tipped tails, we remember you. 


Sparkle said...

Purrs to your human - when we kitties leave, we take little pieces of our humans with us.

Katnip Lounge said...

Monty was a brave and wonderful Cat; and we are grateful that he led Aiti to you.
We will observe a moment of silence in Monty's honor today.

Angel Simba said...

Quiet purrs to you. Monty was sure a special kitty.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

What a beautiful tribute to a brave and proud cat! We are glad Monty knew so much love and had a loving family to treasure. And that you, Puna-Chan, had an opportunity to meet him.

The Chans

Fuzzy Tales said...

Such a lovely post, a very moving tribute, the mom's eyes are all leaky now. Aiti has a huge heart and we're so glad she gave Monty so much love and TLC.

(((Hugs))) and purrs.

GTnCo said...

we purr in memory of Monty and for Aiti. You are a very special purrson to care for all these kitties and give them the love they deserve!
p.s. OMC what a cute ginger furball!

Ana said...

I love this story. Thank you <3