Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Whapping Wednesday

Moro! It's Jura-ninja here. The King Dude Punapippuri is feeling a bit poorly so I have hijacked the blog for the day. We had a blast at the weekend with this smelly mouse that was soaked in slobber from Lewis-veli. But it was so wild it was nearly alive. I had to chase it and whap it down to stop it going nuts.
It certainly was full of energy. It dashed right between my legs.
And under the paws.
And to the side - I should be a rugby player! What a catch.
Aha - now it's under a bit of control.
Whoops - off to the right again.
And down to the ground.
Hey, where did it go ?
Quick, I gotta save it from Lewis-veli or he'll drown it in more drool.
And of course I let my sister Jaava join in.
She managed to subdue it a little more.
And she is less leapy and jumpy with it.
And I tried then to get the mousie back, and she didn't want to let me play!
She began to growl at me. Now I know what the orange fluffy King Dude means about girlcats!
In case you are wondering, Punapippuri is having a quiet time with his hurty paw. Äiti has been worried about him and trying to feed him yummy treat stuff while we get the usual slops. She's forgiven him for the two deep fang holes in her thumb, just about, but would be happier if he was a little more playful. So would we - he's a bit of a boring boycat right now. He hisses when we get too close and we think that spoils our fun. Also we weren't so keen on the 5cm long fur ball he yakked up over the stairs. Such things are alien to us sleeky, slinky Burmese!
Gotta dash - there's curtains to climb.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh my, that mousie did give you a bit of trouble! Glad you were able to keep it under control. Purrs to the king kitteh and his poor paw. xoxo

Sparkle said...

Wow, that mousie was out of control! Purrs to Puna - I hope his paw heals up soon.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Holy cod, you're like a monkey! Look at you go!

Continued purrs to Punapippuri -- between his paw and his tummy with that huge hairball, no wonder he hasn't felt well. We hope at least his tummy feels better now.

amanda said...

Hola! looks like you had some fun with your mousie. Wish I could play with you. Rio from Barcelona

Kari said...

Hello Puna sweetheart. Lots of love and kisses comming your way from all of us. We really love you and hope you feel better soon. We bet it felt good to get your big fur ball out . Now if we can only get your hurry paw healed. Relax, sleep with Aiti and be sure to eat well. Are you on antibiotics? We are keeping you in our prayers, love.

That little kitty sister of yours.... magnificent! A beautiful ballerina , gymnast and contorting artist all rolled into one. Someone, before, said rubber skeleton? We agree! (Your mums photos are AWSOME!)

OKcats said...

HEY! That is my FAVORITE Mousie!!! I am just so excited to see another cat loving it as much as I do! Hooray!!!

Your happy friend, ZOE