Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We don't want work Wednesday

Noooooooo. We don't want you to go back to work, Äiti. We will grab your feet.
We will pull you back with magnetic hugs.
We will just sulk and sniff and hurrumph.
And we have to apologise for the lack of comments on everybody else's blog - she'll get on to it as soon as she can. Äiti says she has to work, if we want to be fed. Pah!


Sparkle said...

We kitties need to work out a way for humans to get paid for taking care of us!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Getting fed and clean litter boxes is pretty high on the list of priorities! So, we understand the "work" thing. Cute pictures. Purrs.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We feel like that too, every week day! The mom says as soon as we start earning our keep she'll be happy to work less....Somehow it doesn't quite work that way, though. LOL.

Mr Puddy said...

" The magnetic hugs " That's one, My Mom said she will calls work for retired : )

Kari said...

Who could ever resist you with your arms outstretched and your soft fluffy tummy showing!
But your wonderful mum must return to work so she can continue to give you all of your lovely toys and treats!
We are happy you are in Finland right now. We couldn't imagine in a million years such horrible happenings in England. What is going on in this world? It saddens us so!
Hope your mum has a smooth and enjoyable return to work. Lots of love.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are lucky that our mum works at home. We just wish we could find a way to stop the Beans going off on holiday and deserting us.