Sunday, 14 August 2011

Soccer (that's football) Sunday Photo Feast

In honour of the new football season in England, Stran-veli demonstrates his ball skills.
He handles it well. With all that muscle - the ball will be his!
It flies away.....
And Stran-veli smartly catches it again.
He is an excellent defender. His opponent approaches.
Stran-veli will not lose possession easily. The ball is hiding in his fluff.
But no! The sneaky ninja squad has stolen the ball.
Now they wonder what to do.
Stran-veli plans his next move.
And it is back in his safe paws!
He guards it from attack.
A fast and daring attack. But he stands firm.
Stran-veli does not move at all. He knows no fear.
The attack is thwarted.
But, no - a sneaky ninja turn.....
The ball is forgotten and now it becomes a tussle.
Where are you referee ?
This is now wrestling! The mighty fluff vs the butterball Burmese.
But not a claw is raised - this is playtime remember, and Stran-veli is highly skilled.
They retreat and soon there is another attack.
And still Stran-veli shows no fear.
The attacker diverts to turn on her own player.
And is pushed away.
Or is she now trying for a jumping record?
Juura-ninja is in pursuit.
And Stran-veli just rolls around.
And there is chaos all around.
If he is not careful they will bounce on his belly.
So he gets up and shows he can run fast too.
Stran-ninja heads for the goal!
We had an ace Saturday and Äiti has many photos of our exploits. She apologises for the exposure on these - the catio had birght sunlight and dark shadows so some of the pictures are not as clear as she would like. I wish the same applied to those of the mad and crazy nipfest I had which was also caught on camera - those pictures will appear soon unless I can persuade her that such things are quite private and not to be shared with my loyal readers.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Stran-veli probably will be Most Valuable Player of the year and the little ones will be Rookies of the year. Great pics! Purrs.

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!!! This is excellent captured of Footy Games !!! I love love it, It just amazing how Äiti can captured all movement of you guys ! and seriously she don't need to apologise at all. We love it !!!!

Mom love Stran's shots, she said his bum is so cute ! and I love all action because I love to play footy too : )
Have a great Sunday !

Ana said...

May I move in? Yes, I can well live on catio. Shall I pack now?

Fuzzy Tales said...

Brilliant photo series and commentary.

Stran-veli could come and play on a Canadian team...maybe then we'd have a better shot on the international circuit.

Riffa said...

The Finnish national football team would absolutely need some expertise from your catio, Punapippuri, he he.
'The Eagle Owls' would be happy to get help from both Stran and Jaava!
Happy Sunday, everyone!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Wow! A multi-=sport event! We are most impressed!

More nipfests? Should we start getting worried about you lot?

The Chans

Katnip Lounge said...

What a mighty game within a game! We are AMAZED at Stran's giant floofy bottom. (Johnny is hanging his head in shame due to his recent bum-shaving. He nneds to be tidier in his habits.) The ninja mosquitos are getting bigger, now it would only take seven of them to make one Stran, hee hee.
Mommy says the root has shipped and is on it's way to us, we will send it to you as soon as it arrives!

Kari said...

Isn't Stran just marvelous with the little kitties! The little "springs" have grown wings! Goodness! The way they fly around. We cannot imagine how they simply defy gravity!
Nip fest photos!!! Yes please!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Stran has wonderful ball control. The action pictures of the kittens are amazing, (and tiring).

Cat said...

We are rolling around on the floor laughing at these pictures!! And we thank you for doing all the exercising for us..we feel a bit tired seeing you guys bouncing around like that...hmm...I think we should now go take a nap as we are tuckered out thanks to your exploits!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny