Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rubber kittens

We have had a tense day with tablets refused and peemails continuing. Äiti has not been happy and Tuomo-veli has been strutting around and growling a lot. And then he thumps himself on Äiti's lap for a cuddle. Äiti is very grateful for the helpful links posted in the comments section and will be ordering 'Pill Pockets' to try make the process easier for Tuomo. (Kiitos paljon Mamarosa!). She realises that two extremely stressful events each day every day for Tuomo is going to be no good for his health at all so she has to find a better way for him to have his medicine. Also, she does not want to be a regular visitor to the local hospital, hehehe. (Äiti's note - dividing the tablet up and smothering it with cream seems to be working now - luckily the thyroid problem gives Tuomo a huge appetite so he is not refusing treats! Many thanks for the comments to the last post: I have ordered pill pockets and ystävämme eläinlääkäri is very interested in the transdermal gel, which is methimazole I believe: if any one in blogland has more info on this please -especially for Europe - do let me know as we want to find out more about it - it's not something we've heard of in Finland).
Minun bloggi: it's my blog -get off! Pah! And Äiti has also failed in her mission to get sweet pictures of the mosquito-ninja kittens cuddling up. She is too tired to get the camera out when they are snuggled together! She will continue to try to get some sleepy pictures. But of course there are plenty of pictures of J&J being bouncy bendy Burmese butterballs.
Catio climbing races are popular.
With the inevitable tussles on the ground.
Jaava-ninja goes for the attack only to be body-slammed down.
But she will nip Juura-ninja's legs in revenge.
But his flying leap will not be beaten.
And even the Rock of Norway cannot provide safe cover.
So she settles behind a post.
And then of course we adults will join in.
Stran-veli is incredibly gentle with Jura.
And Jura likes the challenge of getting away from his mighty fluff.
And he slides out.
Right into a chase.
Pekka-poika tries to snorgle a tummy.
And chew a neck.
And snorgle again.
We have had a lot of fun on the catio, and do not be fooled by all these moans from Äiti. She loves us really even if she is full of scratches and there are no clean fabrics in the house, hehehehe.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wild pics, we love them!

You can't get the transdermal gel? It's methimazole compounded in a base with the consistency of sunscreen (for example). Actually, in North America there are two different types of bases--one is older and causes more irritation (I had to switch Annie from that to a newer type of base after a couple of months). You need a vet compounding pharmacy, though, and it IS more expensive. I wish I could remember the types of bases...I did so much research when Annie was first diagnosed. There IS a Yahoo group for feline hyper-t with tons of great info. I had joined that for a while, initially, then didn't bother following after that.

Even the gel bothered Annie -- she hated any kind of fussing (with her), though she got used to it. And of course with the first base her ears got dreadfully irritated, poor baby girl.

Good luck.

If I had it to do over again, I would suck it up and pay the $$$$ for the I-131 radiation injection treatment, the only cure for hyper-t (kidneys have to be good though). Annie never was the same after her diagnosis and the meds. The nearest clinic to me is about 2 hours away, though, and that (as well as the cost) was a deterrent. So was the fact that in Canada the cat has to stay in isolation (because of the radiation) for 7 to 10 days. In the US it's different, some states allow the cat to go home after 3 days, with quarantine. Not here, though.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

More cute pics! Do these two little ones efur slow down? Good to see the older ones taking part in the fun! xoxo

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Those are great action pics. The kittens are real livewires!

Sparkle said...

OMC, those kittens are insane! I wish I could be of help with the medical stuff, but I'm in the U.S. and don't have any better suggestions than have already been given.

Team Tabby said...

All the best for Tuomo that he feels better soon.

The J&J kittens are so active......We've never had kittens here, we were all adopted as adults.

Angel Simba said...

Just thought I would pass on the idea that acting up by peemailing, and grumpiness in two of your cats may well be related to the new kittens. I have been known to do inappropriate things re pee and poo when I have felt a little unsettled from human visitors or from my humans going away. Hope things get better soon.