Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday target practice

Loyal readers, I have some troubles. It is Äiti. She is objecting to my habits a lot. So what if I walk into the kitchen, find we have a visitor and peemail in front of them. Twice. So what if I am standing right outside of the litter box and pee all around it ? So what if I am doing this often ? I am a mancat marking my territory. She is not impressed however and cannot understand why I don't move myself just a few centimetres backwards and go inside the litter box. Pah!
We have had some results back from Tuomo-veli's blood tests. He has been very moody today, except when he ate about 100g of muikku. Everyone else had a polite one or two fishies and he ate a whole shoal! Anyway, he is genuinely Mr Grumpy because his thyroid is playing up, so he will be on tablets now twice a day. That should mean Äiti is permanently scratched and bitten as he will not tolerate this. I shall regard this as suitable justice for her criticism of my essential targeted urination.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

We hope Tuomo is feeling better soon! Purrs fur him! Haf pawsome day.

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone in your kingdome, Punapippuri!

Would you please tell Äiti, that there might be a way to get Tuomo take his medicine easily. My mom's cat (rip) had also thyroid problem and had to take one pill every day. And he didn't like that all! I bought for him Pill Pockets, and problem solved. He took his pill with joy.

Here is link to one finnish webstore that sells those:


Anonymous said...

Hmm... the link isn't working...

Go to:
From left Dieettituotteet and from there Pillerin antaminen


Catio Tales said...

Äiti writes: Mamarosa - KIITOS!!!!!!!

I chased poor Tuomo for half an hour this morning and he was very angry -I have the scratches to prove it. Every time I got ear his mouth he became Tuomo scissor-hands. He was so upset and growling continually. He ate the pill wrapped in creme fraiche and Temptations and I hope this will work in future. It is no good for him to be stressed twice a day when I try to give him tablets - that will be very bad for his health (and mine!)

Mr Puddy said...

Punapippuri, may be you have to give him a space, he is not so well.
and Tuomo, You have to be good ! Now we know what you are up to, Let's me purrs for you and paws crossed for the med works well for you.
Hugs to the whole kingdom

Kari said...

Pilling cats can be one of lifes little nightmares! The first rule is to be sure the cat being pilled has had his nails clipped. We've found, like you, certain irresistible foods can be of great help. In other cases, just catching the cat sleeping and quickly pilling them is the only thing that works. Tuomo may cooperate more when he's feeling better. You have you work cut out for you, friends!
Puna, are you sure you haven't developed a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone? If you haven't, be sure to tell your Aiti you want lots of extra cuddling and fussing over!

Kaatje said...

Is it possible the medicine could be compounded into a transdermal gel, which can be applied to the hairless part of the ear flap (pinna)? It is a fairly common practice here in the United States for 'uncooperative' cats.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I hope things improve soon for everyone and send my loudest purrs.. Husg GJ xx

Fuzzy Tales said...

Purrs for Tuomo-veli. What about transdermal gel instead? That's what Annie had -- inside the inner ear tip and alternatively under her (shaved) armpits to give her ears a break, because they would get irritated by the methimazole.

As for your pee-mail...The mom admits she would be not impressed either. LOL.

P.S. This post didn't show up in our Reader today, but we remembered seeing it in advance yesterday. So it's a good thing we came directly to your blog!