Friday, 5 August 2011

Finally Sleepy Friday

Äiti hasn't got a very snuggly picture, but here even I must admit Jura-ninja looks very sweet holding his sister's tail. She is actually alseep, and he's not having to pin her down! We are allowing the mosquito-twins to sleep on Äiti's bed and this morning when our breakfast was late, several of us gathered on the bed. Pekka-poika was giving my head a little wash and Jaava squeezed between us. And yes, I licked her head tenderly. I have my duties and responsibilities as a mancat, and looking after this pikku pentu is part of the deal in perheeni. Äiti was very proud of me and I got an extra tickle myself.
Thank you all again for the comments. Äiti is indeed wanting to check my peemailing. Of course I know I am just getting used to the extra mancat-in-the-making here and letting him be sure he knows I am boss. However Äiti is following me around watching my tail twitches as she does need to collect a 'sample' to find if I have any infection. This is most funny. If she thinks I will generously hand over 2ml of my precious, royal urine she is mistaken hehehe.
And a quick update on Tuomo-veli: he continues to be grumpy but much less growly, and he is totally enjoying being fed a yummy spoonful of cream twice a day. So far he has eaten the tablets hidden inside and you can probably hear Äiti cheering from Helsinki.


Musta said...

Tablets are yack yack yack :-E Can't recommend those for any living cat! I have to take pills one more month and I'm totally fed up by now!! Save me, someone! I'm pretty and small!

Katnip Lounge said...

We were wondering if you were spraying due to an infection in your Royal Bladder, Puna! It's good that you are trying to eat, erm, wash, and not swat the mosquitoes.

This is what Mommy uses to help our spraying hot spots:

Angel Prancer Pie said...

I haf purrfected the art of yakking medicine of any kind. Now, we haf to rely on injections if i need medicine.Hee-hee. Mom says good fur you fur taking your pills. We hope efurrybody has a great weekend full of lots of snuggles and snoozing. Purrs.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Paws crossed your spraying isn't related to an infection, and that it can be remedied. And continued purrs to Tuomo-veli that he continues to take his meds...uh, spoons of cream...with no problem.

Angel Simba said...

We did hear something: I guess that WAS Aiti cheering!

Sparkle said...

That IS great news about Tuomo! Of course, ALL kitties should have treats for taking their medicine, whether it is a necessity or not. Just sayin'.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Is Zylkene available in Finland? It can be very good at de-stressing kitties and has no side-effects at all.

Sorry we haven't been visiting as regularly as usual. Blame it on the roaming/roving #1.

The Chans

Cassy said...

They look so lovely sleeping while Jura-ninja holds the tail of his sister. Sleep well.

Cassy from Guitar Scales For Beginners

Kari said...

We've tried using transdermal medications that were supposed to be rubbed on the ear. The only thing is that the amount of the cream that needed to be rubbed on was totally suitable for a dog but NOT a cat! We used a local compounding pharmacy and that was the best they could do. If you are thinking of trying , be sure to ask the pharmacy to tell you how much cream you will need to put on to achieve the needed dose to see if you can fit that much on Tuomo's tears. Also. Because we're cats. The very first thing we did was try our darndest to wash it off!
We hated the pill pockets too. Potted meat worked best for us. All of our love.

Kari said...

You are such a darling boy, dear Punapippuri! And little Jaava seems to feel warmly toward you. And you gave her a kitty kiss! Your are as sweet and loving as you look! We send lots of kisses your way. Remember, you were the cutest kitty ever, no matter how adorable the little ones are.
Tuomo will probably take some time to calm down after the initial pilling sessions, if they were as bad as your Aiti said.
But he's getting his medicine and Aiti is spared looking like she fell victim to a slasher. Give Tuomo a big kiss for us. We kitties hate pills and know how hard this is for him.