Thursday, 25 August 2011

Clear off Irene

Stran-veli has said there's a British song that he knows called 'Come On Irene' so we have changed it and he's taught us to sing rude English words to it - if we sing loud enough maybe Irene will clear off and leave all our friends in the US alone.
We wish we could send Stran-veli over to protect you all. Please stay safe and dry. We are thinking of you. And I am thinking especially of my gorgeous girlfriend Maggie May who is in something called the 'cone of uncertainty'.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Our mom will be humming that song now, for the rest of the day.

We won't be affected here in Ontario, Canada, but we know many kitties, woofies, beans and other Beings will be. And our mom's mom is in Halifax, Nova Scotia--not sure if Irene will hit them or not, too soon to say, probably.

Regardless, we're purring that All Beings stay safe!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

What a sweet pic! What a sweet thought too. Purrs to our furriends in the path of Irene. xoxo

Mr Puddy said...

I send a ton of purrs to all friends of us too. and Hiss off Irene, go away from our friends !

Strain look like a mommy..tee..hee

Kari said...

Can we tell you how much we love you and admire you, Stran? You are the best! Kisses and hugs, sweetheart.