Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Whacked Wednesday

We appreciate your comments on yesterday's photos of Jaava-ninja. We do indeed wonder how she manages to twist her limbs into such positions. These Burmese seem to have rubber skeletons. But through watching them carefully, we are beginning to understand how they move and what they are likely to do so we can step out of the way and not get hurt when they thunder around.
And now they are beginning to play much more with us. Bottoms are sniffed and paws have been waved but Äiti is now delighted that there are full blown kitten-mancat tussles!
Jura-ninja has approached Stran-veli who is in the middle of a belly up sunbathe. We think Jura tried to snorgle the infinite depths of fur. He has probably never experienced such a thing before. It looks like he might be suffocated.
So Stran-veli lets him get some air by pushing his head away with a good back paw manoeuvre.
Stran-veli is being very gentle - there are no claws and all this is very definitely play and excellent training for Jura.
I can remember when I was pikku pentu and Stran trained me.
I would kick and thump and kick and really feel like I was winning.
Stran-veli would hold his mighty paw down with no effort and keep me in one position for ages.
He wouldn't break into a sweat and I would be giving it all I could. Just like Jura here.
Jura was twisting and turning and trying to get the upper paw.
He has no chance! Stran-veli is a formidable tussling partner. Over 6kg of mighty fluff and muscle against a slippery little sliver of a kittten - no contest.
Jura gripped Stran-veli's neck for so long we thought he became a little Burmese necklace.
Stran-veli just raised his head and let the rabbit punches come until Jura was a little tired. And then he just rolled him around a bit.
We enjoyed watching it and we know Jura-ninja will learn a lot from such tussles.
Äiti thinks that Stran-veli must have done this with the kittens in his gang back in England where he was a street cat. He came from a big group of ferals, most of them ginger. Stran absolutely loves kittens and keeps us big kittens in order too, so we think he must have learnt this from his colony. Now we are 14 here, we have our own colony and everyone has a place and we all have to try to get on. I am, of course, king but even I have to listen to Stran-veli's advice a I am just a young mancat who - Äiti says - needs to learn not to start the occasional fight. Pah! Where's the fun in that ?


Sparkle said...

I love the way Stran is just taking all that activity from Jura so calmly! He definitely knows how to handle kittens!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

It does look a little like Jura might be suffocated! Good tussle! Purrs.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Stran really is such a wonderful mentor! #1 says she suspects we "oriental" type cats are rather higher-energy than our European cousins, so don't expect things to quieten down anytime soon!

The Chans

Mr Puddy said...

Wow !!! Stran is Magic !!! He is awesome for little Jura and Jura, He really really brave ! compared with the size..he is so little, He Must have a lion heart !

Fuzzy Tales said...

Stran is just amazing. One in a million, our mom thinks. The purrfect mentor for energetic kittens.

OKcats said...

We think all wise rulers have wise advisers, so keeping Stran as your adviser is very good. And we're glad you posted the photo lessons - these might come in handy for other cats who are having to bring up kittens properly.