Thursday, 7 July 2011

Titled Thursday

I thank you, loyal readers, for your feedback. Äiti is still messing around with the blog but she has put the sanavarasto in alphabetical order, as suggested, and will be giving our posts titles when her senile brain remembers to do so. Please continue to give suggestions if you wish, and I shall endeavour improve my humble postings beyond excellence.
Now this picture fills me with a little bit of jealousy. This is Äiti's toe and only I am allowed to bite it. And pull the hairs at 3am when I feel playful. But here one of the little kitties is sniffing over my territory. Stran-veli says it is a lesson I must learn - to share. Afterall he's had to do it 8 times since he arrived!
And look at this picture. Doesn't this kitty look mean ? And of course this is a girlcat. She is on the prowl and planning all sorts of girlcat monsterising and mischief. I am not so sure about this anymore. Äiti says Jaava (the new girlcat) is full of beans and energy, and very sweet. 'Sweet' - what does this mean ? Stran-veli says girlcats are no problem, and just need to be humoured, so why am I getting my tail in a twist? Pah! He is so chilled nothing worries him. But what if this girlcat steals my favourite mouse ? What if she wants a cuddle with Äiti when I do ? I shall have to establish some ground rules when they arrive. Everything is to be done on my terms as I am King Kitty Cat of Finland (North). Now why is Stran-veli laughing to himself ? What's funny about that ?


Mr Puddy said...

Pinapipuri, Calm Down..Breath in...Breath out !!! .. Let's it be...Ha..Ha..You have to share : )

Dude, Both of them are so little, I guess whatever you like it or not. It's the time to play Bigger Brother : )
Been Prepared !

Good Luck

PS : Thanks for the Headline ; )

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

We feel for you, Puna-Chan, WE FEEL FOR YOU!!!!

K-Day minus ONE!

The Chans

Fuzzy Tales said...

Ooh boy...When the kittens come, things should get REALLY interesting! LOL. We know why Stran-veli is laughing. :-D

Fuzzy Tales said...

P.S. It's great to have pages for everyone!

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

I like your new Finnish/English translations. Even though I grew up speaking Finnish, it's rusty now. I agree about girl cats, at least some. I'm left with only mancats now.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Oh boy! Your life is about to change! Try to hav patience for the wee ones when they arrive. Purrs.

Sparkle said...

Uh-oh, did no one ever tell you that in the kitty world, queens trump kings?! Punapippuri, your chess game is about to be seriously disturbed!

Kari said...

You are such a lovely boy, Puna, that you are probably going to really enjoy the new kitties. We'll never tell anyone that you actually like the little furry ones. Our lips are sealed.