Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tired out Tuesday

I am very grateful that kittens sleep: I can take the opportunity to blog while they are recharging their almost endless batteries. Loyal readers, it is exhausting. And they are so full of themselves, and need to learn some respect! We would never have dared to wake Äiti at 4am and dive under the duvet to scratch and play. And we would never have dared climb the curtains. Of course not.
Today Jaava and Jura went outside to the catio for the first time. They were like a pair of grasshoppers, leaping and jumping everywhere. I was quite proud that they liked my kingdom so much. I supervised from afar, but I have been closer to them and Äiti even saw me trying to play a little. I am glad she saw me do this as she had been feeling I was being a little bit nervous. Pah! Not at all: I am a big brave king and can cope with these Burmese mosquitoes very easily.
Stran-veli is being amazing. Äiti notices he follows the kittens when they go somewhere new, and he stays close by. He then wanders to Äiti to check all is well- and he then gets a treatfor being such a good watch-cat. Äiti wonders if he helped raise many kittens when he was in his wild colony back in England. He is the expert. He is trying to show the kittens he is safe to play with.
And Jura was crab walking up to him and prancing around. And then both kittens were running rings around him!
Pekka-poika tried to catch one!
But I think Burmese kittens have butter on their fur - they are very slippery and squeeze everywhere.
Look at all this energy.
Just like our pesky mosquitoes.
Jura loves showing off his not so little balls. And yes, they will not be with him for long so every time he swaggers past me I smile inwardly, knowing that his days of such optimism are definitely numbered.
How does he manage to bounce around so much ?
But sometimes he does stop and observe. And plan his next leap.
And then Jaava starts up. They are like little dynamos.
They even tried playing around Tuomo-veli who is not known for being sociable, but he seems to like them!
And even Aila-sisko has been okay with the little girlcat.
And they discovered Tessie-kilpikonna and were quite interested, but not as respectful as I was to her. I shared her food and sat sniffing her before I sat on top of her. They only looked at her for thirty seconds before mosquitoing around again.
Now we all think they should keep away from the kissanminttu - they are far too young for this and if this is their normal state, heaven knows what they would be like when nipping out.
It is much better for Jaava just to smell the other nice flowers.
We grown ups are being very patient with them. Äiti thought it was very funny to watch us getting all dizzy trying to keep up with them. RIlli-ukko is still grumpy with them but we know he is not feeling so good at the moment and he will have some blood tests tomorrow. Äiti is making sure he gets special time on her lab, without anyone else disturbing him, and lots of wet food whenever he wants it.


Deb said...

Oh my - you got some beautiful photos. They are just delightful. I miss having crazy kittens around but right now we spend all our time caring for the seniors. They are special, too. Looking forward to more pictures. Have a fun day. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Angel Simba said...

Amazing to see all the pictures in the catio. Those kittens have an interesting way of running - looks a bit like a kangaroo!

The rest of you all seem to be doing very well with them. Congratulations!

OKcats said...

WOW! Those kittens are NUTSO! We would love to see Jaava's coat up close - we bet it is just gorgeous. It's a good thing you got 2 kittens to keep each other entertained! Didn't Tuomo used to like to wrestle? If so, maybe the kittens will be good for him, too. Or maybe we're mistaken. We hope Rilli feels better soon - we're sorry to hear he feels poorly.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Wonderful photos! We're amazed Äiti managed to capture the "mosquitoes" so well -- they're definitely full of energy (full of beans, as the mom used to say).

Purrs to Rilli-ukko and good luck re: his blood work tomorrow.

Katnip Lounge said...

MOL @ mosquitos! Soon they will be dragonfly sized. You are all being so good with the kittens...Mommy wants some SO badly now seeing how well-behaved you all have been.
Purrs to Rilli, we hope he passes his tests tomorrow with flying colors.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh my goodness brilliant pictures.. Just look at all that energy. Theey wwill wear you all out if not careful.. Climbing curtais wow I dare not do that.. Hugs GJ xx

Sparkle said...

Those kittens look like loads of fun! Purrs to Rilli - I hope he feels better soon!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Excellent photos! Those young whippersnappers are all over the place! They look like so much fun! Purrs, kittehz.

Mr Puddy said...

heh..heh..this post made me and my mom giggle !!! So much energy in them ! but wake up called 4am., Aiti might have to keep wake them up during the day nap ! That's waht my dad did to me, and the night time..No problems !

Cara n Crew said...

OMC! We tired after reading your account and seeing the pic-shers, Punapippuri! We cannot imagine how you must feel. Stran-veli is really something. So wise.

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Mr Puddy said...

I'm back, I knew I forgot something which is very impawtant !
Purrs Rilli, massive one ! and paws crossed for him to have the good results !

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

It does look like things are going rather well at your end. Here too! Gen-Chan now sleeps in the big bed with Bibi and #1!

The Chans