Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am today very thankful that the new members of perheeni have settled well, and we are all coexisting quite happily. Well, there's the odd exception and hiss when personal space is invaded, but it's all going well.
However we have nearly had a disaster. A total disaster. As a result we were all locked in over night and we have been trying to tell these over-enthusiastic youngsters that they have been really naughty.
So much for the kitten-proofing! Äiti has tried to alter the picture to more clearly show the transparent, allegedly biteproof, kitten protection net. Jura-ninja (and possibly his sidekick Jaava but we are not sure) has worked out how to use his very sharp teeth to snip through this. Äiti came outside and found him inside the net. She was not happy. Luckily the catio net is a 'back up' - the larger wire should be enough to stop escapes but a slippery little Burmese 13 week old kitty might just be able to squeeze through. Äiti takes no chances. We think Juura was not planning an escape but just testing his teeth, but you never know. And Jaava was of course watching carefully and learning.
But upstairs on our balcony, the teeth snipping was worse! There is only one net there - again it is meant to be bite-proof. It has lasted for two years without mishap. Now it has cuts in which were big enough for an escape! A full blown adult escape if we had wanted. Äiti was very relieved that this had not happened (she counted 14 of us up in record time).
These kittens are brave and curious. Fearless even - they have been in a hammock made by Äiti!
Today Äiti will be consulting again with our catio constructor and there will be reinforcements to the balcony net by the weekend.
We all know the desire to escape and see what is beyond the fence, but we older, wiser cats know that there are many dangers. I have wandered alone through the fields of northern Finland and know there is a hard world out there. We like our catio and perhe, even though our feeding times may be a bit erratic, and we would like more treats and a variety of food. And sometimes more cuddles. And more muikku. But basically it's not a bad place.


Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!! The youngster made lots of progresses !
We laugh out loud when seeing the youngster is hanging on the sheers : )
But I think Äiti must be thrilled when he is on the sky hammock..Ha..Ha..Ha

Riffa said...

Not nice that the young ones are biting holes in the nets! Perhaps they need some bones to bite to exercise their teeth :)!

Here in my house, I don't need any nets or fences because I never run away. I decided that when I finally got a home of my own, I would NEVER escape. And I never have. Lying in the sunshine on the terrace is quite enough for me. But then, I'm an elderly refined Spanish señorita, not a wild youngster.

With my companion Oliver, it's quite another story! He has to be on a leash all the time when he is in the yard. Otherwise he would just escape and Aunt would have to search and search for him. And often he goes for long walks with Aunt in the fields and small forests nearby, just to let out some of his energy.

Punapippuri, I think now it's our duty to inform Äiti if the youngsters are up for some mischief!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Yikes! Determined kitties can be difficult to foil -- just ask our mom. You've seen what she had to do with our back space to keep Nicki in. LOL.

She suggests plastic chicken wire. It's "squares" are very small and no kitty can squeeze through. Or, if Aiti had to, real chicken wire, though that's costlier.

Sparkle said...

Cat Rule #607: There is no such thing as "kitten proof."

Team Tabby said...

We have had no experience with kittens at all - good luck!

We all came to our home as older rescues.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Of course you realise you can cause whatever trouble you like now and blame it on the little ones.

OKcats said...

Oh my, that kitten playing Tarzan on the curtains is quite funny! We like the photos of the kits chilling with the adults - very sweet!