Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tetchy Thursday

Well, we've not been calm and peaceful today. None of us. Äiti, for a start, got really irritated at her lack of skills trying to make a hammick. We could have told her not to bother. It's far better to buy one from a professional. But no, she wanted to try. And when Rilli-ukko sat on the fabric and I played with the pipes she said some quite impolite things. And this photo is, methinks, deliberately out of focus so you cannot see how twisted and bent the frame is. (Äiti's note: right now, Tuomo-veli is comfortably snoozing on the bed and he doesn't care what it looks like! Here in Finland it's not possible to get the proper pipe connectors for the top so I have had to improvise and this makes it more complicated. I cannot just import the connectors from the US as the pipe size is different - I think I will give up and just go to FortyPaws and find out what the import duty is!)
And Aila-sisko here is pretending to be interested in the catio hanging hammock, to make Äiti feel better. But even this curious girlcat doesn't dare go inside. And Lewis-veli is advising her too - don't do it!
And Risto-puolihäntä and I had a disagreement. The fur was flying. Last time he had the upper paw and I thought I saw my opportunity to regain it myself. After scuffling and shouting, of course Stran-veli and Äiti appeared (yes - we appeared in time to see a ginger fluff ball retreat and run downstairs....). Stran-veli took over and Risto climbed up to the wardrobe, fluffed up and with a scratched ear. Äiti then noticed drops of blood and soon identified the source. Stran-veli had an injury on his paw which Äiti cleaned up. We think it was a scratch or a snagged claw. Hopefully not a bite.
Harris-veli came of course to give him a head rub.
And he got lots of treats. In fact everyone got treats and cuddles.
Stran-veli is the hero again. Äiti did notice that he wasn't quite so fast at dashing to the fight as he has been: he is after all a senior kitty.
We are now sleeping calmly on the catio, and waiting for Äiti to clean the place up. I don't like seeing my furs all over the floor!


Mr Puddy said...

First of all, I think your Äiti's Hammick look great for me ! I think if Rilli can sat on the fabric, should be work well.

And the catio hanging hammock, I would like Äiti to have a look at my pld post, It's not a hammock , It's shading screens for the plants which I love to sit on top of it. It's old post, I don't know what is should be But it might give Äiti some idea to built the hammock please click here > Mr Puddy: Don't worry

And Stran, I purrs for you, I hope you are O.K.


Sparkle said...

I don't think the hammock looks that bad! I like the idea of everyone getting treats after an argument - that is the best way to end it!

Kati said...

Get well soon, Stran!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

The hammick looks good from here and if it works then no problem. The treats look good and those skritches look even better.. Stran hope you are ok sweet one.. Hugs GJ xx

The Florida Furkids said...

The ham-mick looks good to us. We have a FortyPaws one and love it!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I wonder if mum will give us treats if we have a punch up!

OKcats said...

Hey, that hammock looks pretty darned good to us! We're sorry that there was a bloody fight today, though - poor Stran. :( We guess it's to be expected from time to time, but it still makes us sad. We hope everyone is ok.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

The hammick looks great! We think the one on the catio looks good too! Hope that paw is doing good! Purrs.

Kari said...

We think that hammock looks quite comfy! It passses the Tuomo test so it must be ok!
Oh poor Stran! We love you so! We hope your foot is feeling better. Your whole family will need your wisdom and guidance when the little ones arrive.
If your Aiti would like to make her own hammocks, our Aiti could send her the pipe parts if she would like. Just let us know. Our love to all!

Katnip Lounge said...

Poor Aiti, first hammock frustration, and then a fight! You kitties need to give her some purr therapy. Mommy says the hammock looks rather clever, and as long as the Cats like it that's all that matters!
Stran, you brave Mancat, we purr your paw heals quickly.

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Sending Stran healing purrs for his boo boo on his paw.