Sunday, 17 July 2011

Snapshot Sunday

Loyal readers, I present to you my pikku veli ja sisko, Jura and Jaava.
As you can see they are quite pikku, compared to Mirsku-veli. Mirsku was very good and did not try to crush them with a hug. Instead he tried the yummy kitten food that was there for the taking.
Stran-veli of course had some too.
Jura is the bigger kitten, and he is trying to be a big mancat with hissing and fluffing himself up when he sees us close.
Jura is a lilac Burmese, and Jaava a lilac-cream tortie Burmese.
Jura has already had string games with Pekka-poika. Äiti is very pleased with this progress. Jura and Pekka are both playful so we all hope they will be friends. You can see Pekka poking his head under the chair, hehehe.
The kittens are still learning so Äiti is giving them physics lessons. I remember these well, but Jaava and Jura have a green laser pen: I had a red one. Red is more royal of course.
The kittens are in the bedroom (despite a couple of breaks for freedom). They like the top of the wardrobe and can look out through the internal window, wondering about the world beyond. They have a catbed up there and slept through the night (or they played very quietly as Äiti slept).
Their new home is so exciting for them. They like playing with Mr Elephant - Mirsku-veli's 'special friend'.
Hmmm, here Jaava is showing herself to be quite a slinky girlcat.
String toys are great fun of course.
But those claws and teeth do look a little sharp.
I watched from afar.
I positioned myself on top of the wardrobe to monitor the proceedings.
I had of course been on door patrol most of the night, trying to break in to the bedroom to investigate. Unfortunately on one mission my glorious tail was caught in the door, for which Äiti has apologised (I will make sure I get full recompense, don't worry!). So when I met the little kittens I was not at 100% of my brave and noble self. So I stayed on the wardrobe. And I was joined by Jaava.
Now I was NOT trapped here. I could easily walk past this hissing, spitting mass of Burmese girlcat - if I had wanted.
I think they will settle in well, and provided they begin to show me some respect, we shall get along just fine. I must admit they are very bouncy and leap really high . Äiti says Burmese are good at climbing and leaping. And also because they are much older than I was when I came to my home, they are 'better socialised'. But Äiti is very pleased with us big mancats - only one of us has hissed at the kittens and the rest have sat patiently watching and blinking gently. I cannot possibly reveal who the hisser was: I have my reputation to protect.


Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Wonderful photos! Welcome to your family, Jura and Jaava! I only moved to mine just over a week ago and I am having lots of fun, although there is a very, very HUGE kitty in the house whom I am still scared of. #1 says he's called Tommy and is a woofie, not a kitty. Do you think she's right? Is he safe?

Genji (aka Gen-Chan)

Fuzzy Tales said...

Everyone is doing so well -- this is great -- we really didn't think it would go so well, with so many other kitties in the house. The one hisser notwithstanding, right? LOL.

Deb said...

Glad to see this working out so well. It always takes a little time and patience. Beautiful kittens.

Ana said...

These babies are so sweet <3 Then again, what (animal) babies are not? :-))

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad they are settling in well and that there was only one hisser. Of course we can't think who that could possibly be! They are very pretty and cute.

The Florida Furkids said...

It's nice to see everyone getting along so well!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Katnip Lounge said...

This is so much fun to watch! Mommy saw a gaggle of kittens at the vet's office yesterday, and wanted to adopt one SO badly! Perhaps she will reconsider now. Jaava ia going to be a stunner, the mancats are going to be jostling for her attention soon!
So, do tell, who was the hisser?

Kari said...

Squeeee! Baby kitties! Squeeee! They're gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! And their colour! Exquisite. Oh my goodness!
It is so wonderful they are adapting so quickly to their new family. And we are thrilled that the family is accepting them so well. The little ones seem so confident. They have to be an absolute delight.
Your Aiti's photo of their two faces together is just precious. And her photo of you, Puna, is equally lovely.
Even though our Aiti is squeeing her head off and pouring over the kitty photos, we know that she thinks your sweet face and soft eyes make you the most darling kitty ever.

Sparkle said...

It sounds like things are settling in nicely! Well, except for that one hissing mancat, whoever THAT is...

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh what wonderful pictures of the newest members and you all too. I think we are in for a treat in the comming weeks. I love that photo of you on the wardrobe. Crossed paws at the ready.. Hugs GJ xxx

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Great photos! Those kittens are sure to melt efurryone's hearts! Purrs.

Mr Puddy said...

First of all, Concats for Finland's kingdom, Now You have 14 kitties !!! Broke the records : ) and I love the way Aiti did all photos of you guys plus name, Very well organized !

Mirsku , Again my mommy proud of you not to crush the kittens by hugs..MOL

And Look like all kitties are doing well with the new member.

And one more thing, Mirsku I do jealous your plate !!! so much food !!!! You know ? You made me drooling so hard here ! I'm on diet !

I'm Monday now. Have a great day my friends : )

Denise said...

They are soooo cute! :-) Such pretty kittens.

OKcats said...

If it WAS you that hissed, we are sure it's just because you were still upset about the tail-smashing incident. We're glad to hear it went so well on Sunday! Now we get to read about Monday....