Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sluggish Sunday

Loyal readers, I find myself unable to blog much today. There was a nipfest here last night. Boy, was it good. We forgot about our adult responsibilities regarding Jaava and Jura and just had good fun. We certainly know how to use the ess now! However, even the sound of paws against keyboard are making me a little nervy and wanting to reach for the food bowl, so I will not show the photos from last night yet, and this post will be short.
The kittens continue to explore everything. Äiti found this strange fishy tin in Ruotsi and it is very popular.
At least it means J & J are fooled and we can eat the real fishies.
However there has been another development in the house - a new shelf.
It is exclusively for the Burmese' breakfast ! This is so unfair. Admittedly, I am completely unable to contemplate climbing to it right now - I do not wish to see the floor swimming underneath me - but apparently the Burmese will climb the mat Äiti has screwed to the wall (funny, I thought it was for the floor). We adultcats are a bit too heavy to go up it. Pah! When I can be bothered to wake up there's going to be a peemail.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oho, a nip hangover! Well, at least you had a good time! :-P

So the kids have their own dining area, huh? Very creative of Äiti to attach the carpet to the wall like that. We'll wait for a video of the kittens climbing it to get to their food. :-)

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Oh Dear, Puna-Chan! It does sound like quite the morning after.....

We hope everything is back to being the right side up soon.

The Chans

Mr Puddy said...

MOL.. I love the second photo !!! He can stand and hold the fish..OMC !!! But his face like just know , It's a fake fish..ha..hah..ha : )

Have a great Sunday

Harmaa said...

Hi guys, I saw your Nipfest weekend in the reader, and booooy you know what: yesterday I've got a new woolen carpet and the effect was exactly the same! Try wool, guys! It's worth it!

Kari said...

Your Aiti is really amazing! How very creative! How did she ever think of such an innovative idea? We can't wait to see the little kitties climb the mat!
What a night! Nip will take it out of you, it surely will. Rest and relax your kitty heads. You'll feel better after your mornings map. Love to all!

Katnip Lounge said...

Your Aiti is diabolical! Depriving you of vital sustenance like that.

Puna, mix yourself up a Bloody Mousie, and have a nap. We find that works best for our nipovers.