Monday, 18 July 2011

Mancat Monday

Well, I was allowed to sleep in with Äiti and the little bundles of energy last night. All was very peaceful and I was pleased Äiti gave me this responsibility, which had nothing to do with me feeling jealous. To show this, I am going to allow Jura to carry on with the rest of the blog today. I am a very generous King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) and even if he is showing me no respect, perhaps he will remember my magnanimity one day.
Moro! My name is Jura and I am just getting used to this English stuff. I can purr fluently in Finnish but have moved to this strange, exciting place where all the sounds are different.
Everything is new, but I am making my mark - ha!
I can run and leap swiftly- so fast this woman called Äiti has to double check if it's me or my sister Jaava.
The big guys aren't as good at climbing as we are.
Balance - no problem!
Whoa - who's up here ?
Okay, so you are Risto -puolihäntä.
See this tail, dude! Ha!
And here's another manxie to tease. Uh-oh: this one's hissing a lot, maybe I better be quiet.
Maybe I should have a game of pokey-paw with Pekka. He's good fun.
And these guys just come in and eat our food. Greedy boys.
I don't mind -I can sneak off to explore. If the door's open, I shall take a peek.
I can always beat a retreat! Harris likes my bottom - he's been sniffing around. I don't mind - he's a little cat and I'll soon be able to biff him. Beating up Mirsku might take a while longer.
So I keep my paw in by beating up my sister. Usually I lose, but I can cope with that. She's a real pawful.
And here I can intimidate Pekka with my amazing swollen tail and scary ears. Pekka knows I quite like him and I am just pulling his paw.
There are so many places to explore, and smells. The mancats here are not very good at sticking to the litter trays. They have really bad manners I think. But maybe one day I'll join in.
Mind you, there are enough litter trays. They are huge!
And there's a downstairs too. This is ace.
Look at all the litter boxes in the kitchen. They aren't for us to pee in but someone pees all over them.
Aha - now here we have a grumpy guy (just how many cats are there in this place! I don't have enough paw pads to keep count of them all). Now this is Rilli-ukko. He's an old bloke and I tried really hard not to laugh when he growled in my face so much he began coughing up a fur ball. Ha!
Now I have to admit I go nuts at this one. He's got one eye and huge long fur. Boy, I better behave if that happens when you've been with this Äiti for a few years. Stran keeps sitting patiently near me but I am just ruffling my fluff and giving it a hiss and spit. Nothing seems to phase this guy though.
Now this one is really hissy and spitty at me! He says he's king. Now that gives me a laugh as he has been all sulky as he's not the babycat anymore. But I better not say that as I have hijacked his blog and apparently he has 'loyal readers'.
Can you see how I am pretending to be scared of him, just to keep him happy ? Afterall, I'm the one with the balls in this house.
I can't wait for all these guys and girls to learn to like me and then we shall have the best playtime ever. And of course my sister will join in. She's been a bit hesitant and made me do the exploring first. Now where is she as I need to go snuggle up with her for a sleep. So, I hope you are pleased to meet me - this is Jura signing off for now. Ha!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Jura, all the kitty dynamics will take some getting used to, but it seems that things are going well for the most part!

Don't be too arrogant about your "balls," since presumably you won't be keeping them. :-P

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Hi Jura! My name is Genji and I am also a newbie at my house. There are three other cats only here and they are all fine. But there is a HUGE woofie whom I still find a bit scary. Anyway, I wish you were closer. It would be fun to play with you!


Katnip Lounge said...

Hail Jura! We are so pleased you are out and meeting the other kitties, and making friends, too. You DO have a ways to go to get to Mirksu's size; we recommend eating 372 times a day for starters.
Mommy just realized there are more cats there than here! She feels a little less crazy, now.

Ana said...

Cant believe how cute these youngsters are. Ohhhh & ahhhh!

Sparkle said...

You must be on overload, Jura, being surrounded by so many other kitties!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

That's alot of exploring and snoopervising fur such a little kitteh! No wonder you need a snooze with the sisfur. Good luck with the big kittehs! Purrs.

Anonymous said...

is that a macbook pro? what apps do you recommend to purchase onto a new mac? nice to see pictures of punapippuri!!

The Florida Furkids said...

You're one busy dude trying to keep up with all those other kitties!!
The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Angel Simba said...

What wonderful news from Jura! It looks like things are very interesting there, and that there are lots of meetings happening.

OKcats said...

Nicely done, Jura! And nice job sharing, King Punapippuri. We enjoyed seeing Jura 'meet' the rest of the house - we laughed when he saw Roosa! And we do think it will be a while until you're biffing Mirsku, and we hope you don't biff Lewis or Harris! (but perhaps that was Tuomo...) We're surprised you are not best buds with Stran, but we think it's good that you and Pekka are mates. And yes, you should respect King Punapipurri... oh, and don't get too used to the balls advantage you have right now!

Your new girlcat friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

Kari said...

Jura! You are doing so splendidly! We are so proud of you! Those are some big, tough kitties and you are such a tiny boy! But we know that you've got the kitty smarts to be able to handle any situation. You will come to love and respect Stran. He will help you learn how to be a wonderful mancat. And Punapippuru, oh he is a darling! He's the King Kitty but he is a good and loving king. There are so many kitties for you to have as friends! It's great!
We are overjoyed to hear you snuggle with your sister. Maybe it's something that the two of you can teach your new family! Love to everyone! We thank your Aiti so much for all the photos. We adore them!

Mr Puddy said...

Wow ! Jura, You are just a young breed, but I can see you are really brave !!! Kudos to you !