Monday, 25 July 2011

Loyal readers, you can still enter our 'who is in the picture' competition (details yesterday) - there is a little time left. 15UDSD to the cat shelter of your choice. And Mr Puddy, King Kitty Cat of Some Street Melbourne, we refute that we are being mean by restricting it to paypal: unfortunately to make a donation in ordinary money would actually cost Äiti more than the donation and also might cost the receiver too. So when I have taken over the world and have my own universal currency (which I would like to call the Pip, I think), I will happily donate loads to your wonderful favourite charity Ingrid's Haven which does most excellent work. In the meantime, we're stuck with paypal.
Äiti abandoned us yesterday, but when she got back we had an ess! Now we aren't exactly sure what to do with it so have been ignoring mostly, but there's been a bit of lounging on it. It suits my furs well. Äiti did arrange for some people to come to play with us: Jaava and Jura's old humans came to try to wear them out. They also swapped the door handles around so that crucial exits are now Mirsku-proof. He can no longer open the doors. We think his next plan is to charge straight through them.
Mirsku-veli is a bit hissy with the kitties still but he won't harm or eat them. To be honest we have all been a bit bowled over by their energy. Also, Mirsku has not been paying his nightly visit to Mr Elephant, his special friend. Äiti wondered if this was because it had been taken over by the kittens and tried to get him a new Mr Elephant (without him noticing of course) but there were none in the shop!
When Äiti finally got home yesterday she was delighted to see how we are playing together. Pekka-poika is the main kitten chaser: he has been appointed by me with the duty of tiring them out. He charges around like a mad thing and they follow. Jura is already regarding him as a great big brother. I am more thoughtful and do play, but like to think I offer advice and guidance -I am the quieter one. he will appreciate this later I think, once he has stopped his childlike ways.
We were sent a most excellent parcel by our Britcat cousins, Bramble and Treacle. Here I have a catnip mouse with feathers which I gave all of 2 minutes' attention to. We will give far more attention to the Dreamies that were sent. Bramble-serkku has had naughty kneecap problems, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. I am pleased to tell you that she is now recovering (sadly with the aid of a Cone of Confinement) from surgery. Apparently she now has extra pins in her bone and an artificial ligament which will dissolve as the old one reheals. We wish her well and hope that she has milked her humans for all the treats and belly tickles they can give.


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

A mouse with feathers AND nip??? Oh my! What a great package!

Mr Puddy said...

Oh My Friend don't take me wrong ! Me and mom are completely do understand about Paypal and we agree with you that's the best way ! I laf in your last post because me and mom still have to deal with Ingrid in the same issue..MOL.. Paypal, and we are not sure did she apply already or not ? But we do tell her ( Again ) Because if I win the Petties, It's going to be the same way to pay her ( Paypal ) Me and mom have a lots of trouble try to get donation for her. Because of her shelter is too special..ha..ha..ha..which we don't know before...Long story behind the competition !!! well let's get back to your kingdom.

I got no idea about an ESS too because I never have it : ) And For the catnip mousie with feathers, May be you can give to the kitties who have so much energy to burn ; )

And Hooray to Bramble-serkku !!! That's Great news !
Happy Monday to you all

Fuzzy Tales said...

A lot of kitties have that ESS! We used to have one but didn't use it, so the mom gave it to someone who fosters. Of course, seeing so many others who have one, we'd like another!

We suspect you all might be more tired from watching the kittens run around, than they are from their running around, if that made sense. Ha.

Purrs for Bramble-serkku's recovery!

OKcats said...

Everyone has their own job in your kingdom, don't they? It seems to be working out great! We're happy you got some new toys, and we wish we would have mailed you our ESS.

Sparkle said...

I wish my human had brought back something as cool as an Ess when she returned over the weekend. Of course, we already have an Ess!

Katnip Lounge said...

How cool is ESS!!!
Have Aiti rub some nip on it and you will discover all it's tantalizing possibilities...we promise! That and the cube are our favorite toys, maybe even better than cardboard boxes.

We thought Pekka would be the primary playmate!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Nip on the Ess sounds wonderful! Those young kittens could use a good "tiring out". Gives us more mature kittehz a break! Haf a pawsome day!

The Florida Furkids said...

We like seeing you all play together.
We think the ESS looks like a lot of fun.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie