Friday, 8 July 2011

Fragrant Friday

Look at this! Look at this injustice. We had all noticed our hammick has been disappearing and reappearing (with strange smells) and now I find this is where it has been: underneath kittens!! Äiti has told me to stop fussing. Pah! But she did also say something which made us mancats feel proud. Apparently the kittens' mother cat is, now what was the phrase, 'heating up' maybe or was it 'on the boil' ? Anyway she spent last week shouting for a mancat. Well, she had calmed down (much to everyone's relief as she was very loud and girlcatty - so loud that the whole neighbourhood began mowing its lawns to shut out the yells) - until our hammick arrived. And within one sniff she was shouting again. Hehehehe. We obviously have really strong mancat smells and even without the bits needed to make us daddy cats, she still finds us irresistible. Well, come on over if you wish! We have nip and plenty of mancat energy.
The garden is growing well - except for the bits we dig up of course. And now the kissanminttu is smelling so, so good. Mirsku-veli was very gently (for him) sampling some. There is something so satisfying about being hand fed tender shoots by one's human.
And Äiti was also very happy - she managed to wash Lewis-veli's eyes. He is spending all the time he can on the catio now which is wonderful. But it does mean he has been exposed to all sorts of bugs and his eyes got even more stuck up. He has nasty feline chlamydophila and has had runny eyes for many years. Äiti does inspect it often but Lewis-veli is very shy and will not be touched. Äiti knows it stresses him if she comes close and tries to hold him. Now though he hides in tuulikaappi (our tunnel from the catio to inside) and gets trapped so Äiti can get to him. Stran-veli of course is there to check he is okay.
Oh, and some of you keen-eyed, long-memoried loyal readers will notice there is no Evil Flap on the tuulikaappi anymore. This Evil Flap of plastic defied all laws of physics and my mighty paw, and often would not let me through. Well, it didn't survive the Finnish winter and this stupid bit of plastic fell apart in the temperatures of deepest February. Äiti is pondering whether to replace it, but with her building skills she really should not waste her time.
And finally, innocent-eyed Risto-puolihäntää (half tail - he's a Manxie boy with a stumpy), here is helping my kingdom be a little more fragrant. Äiti has been battling with him peeing outside the box for months. She has rearranged the boxes and blankets and facilities endlessly, until she finally tried some new kissanhiekka. Now this is not rocket science, but Äiti is a bit slow with stuff like this sometimes. Anyway, we all love the new soft, tiny sandy particles in this one box. So much nicer than the huge silica, sharp pebbles on our paws. But we have been dutifully using all the boxes still except Risto who has been delightedly peeing INSIDE the new box. I find it very strange that Äiti can be so happy about something so simple as our toilet techniques, but she is.


Everycat said...

We can't imagine that the Mummy Cat could resist your mancatly charms and smells.

Thank you for your kind words and love for Whicky. We miss him so much. He was a good brother

Oliver & Gerry

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh how something as simple as peeing in the box makes the mums happy. love the photo of the two darlings on the hammick. Mum says she can just hear the catawailing from here as we have two that come and do it right outside her bedroom window all the time and its loud.. Hugs GJ xx

Fuzzy Tales said...

Our mom can't smell, so it would be an issue if we peed outside the box. LOL.

We bet the kittens' mom started "heating up" when she scented your mancat smells on the hammick. :-)

Well, soon the babies will be home and things will "heat up" at your house in an entirely different way!

Katnip Lounge said...

Risto, we feel for you, not liking the sharp sand on your pads...Mommy is going to give this some thought as we have a member here whose nickname is "The Puddler".

All hail the mighty stinky Mancats, arousing the females despite their lack of bits! Impressive.

Sparkle said...

You boys DO make the girls go wild, don't you? My human says it's the same for female humans - British and Finnish rock stars seem to have the same effect on them!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Aaaaah! The right choice of litter! So very important!

There are some strange smell behind the backroom door tonight, and #1 keeps going in and out, and has threatened to sleep in there. Curiouser and CURIOUSER!

The Chans