Friday, 29 July 2011

Fortified Friday

Yesterday Äiti locked the kittens in the bedroom, and we sensible adults were allowed catio access while she went out in the daytime. In the evening she came back with the catio constructor, locked us all out of the balcony and within two hours a new galavanised wire mesh was up. She said the next step was to electrify it, which we hope was a joke.
Then, when she was having tea and pulla with the catio constructor, I came to join them on the table. And turned my proud tail towards the kitchen window and very publicly left a peemail. Äiti has now threatened to sell us all on ebay as we are all such naughty little cats and she's 'had enough'! The cheek of it. She needs to take a chill pill. I mean, what's one peemail amongst friends ? I was only being a mancat marking my territory: just because I did it over the kitchen window while humans were eating at the table - so what! She needs to relax. In the meantime, I went to sulk.
The kittens have been playing with the hammick. Right now they are so small they can fit underneath it!
This of course is the proper hammick, not Äiti's totally bent one.
We have more on the way from Forty paws.
In fact we know they are in Finland awaiting something called customs.
So we hope we get them soon. Afterall, it's about time we got some more toys and nice things to play with because Äiti's just been moaning all the time at us. Jura-ninja tried to make her happy with a nice game of bitey toes at 4am and she even moaned about that. Maybe if she's going to be this bad tempered she should go back to work sometime.


Angel Simba said...

Aww, be easy on Aiti! She does so much nice stuff for all of you. catios and hammicks and toys and all.

Maggie May said...

Good morning! Oh my goodness, look at those cute kittens!! However, they are not quite as cute as my Punapippuri!!!

OKcats said...

You are a bold soul, peemailing right in front of your Aiti and a guest! We'll watch for your auctions on EBay - we'll help run up the prices! Hooray for more ham-micks! We just love Forty Paws!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Let us know when you all are going to be listed! CC is saving his pennies to bid for Pekka, who he claims MUST be his brother.
Oh, and GREAT SHOT with the pee mail!

Kari said...

Our mum would take you in a minute, pee mail and all!
Poor Puna! First mum brings home two little impish whirlwinds and keeps them! Now, she brings home the catio constructor! Is she going to keep them too? No wonder you told your mum it was YOUR house! You needed to make your point! If we don't pee mail right in front of beans, they don't understand!
And just look at those two little imps, laughing amongst themselves! So adorable, soo mischievous! They really do look like they are hatching nefarious, new plans. We are sure that the wise and wonderful Stran knows just what is on their kitty minds. Very much love to all!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL... Sale on EBAY ?..Mom said she like the idea : )
Those two youngster always find the new way to play, I like the way they play on Hammick : )

and Punapippuri, I do agree with you " Grumpy mommy should go back to work !..ha..ha..ha but make sure Aiti feed you before she left da house : )

Have a great weekend