Saturday, 25 June 2011

What a party we had! We had a great time. There was much carousing: Tessie-kilpikonna felt there was so much noise, she came inside.
Aila-sisko made herself guardian of the kissanmintu. This was probably a good idea as there was much chasing of pink mousies and great debate over who has the fluffiest tail between us mancats.
Mirsku-veli and Pekka-poika pretended to be interested in the view but actually they were more concerned with wrasslin' as the night wore on.
And Tuomo-veli joined in too.
And I, finally, put Pekka-poika in his place.
With a swift paw cuff......
...and a mighty show of my tummy fluff, I am victorious.
Stran-veli was running round like pikku pentu. He's always great fun at a party. He indeed has the mightiest tail fluff of us all.
And he loves showing it off - but he's so fast the camera cannot catch him!
And so today we rested. All was peaceful between me and Pekka-poika.
Behind us are some of the worst sewn curtains in Finland (North). Äiti today tried sewing. It was most amusing and Rilli-ukko tried to help her by sitting on the fabric and guiding it straight, but she was still hopeless. But Roosa didn't mind about that because Äiti sewed her a nice cat bed for the shelves. Maybe it wasn't such a disaster afterall.


Sparkle said...

It sounds like you guys need a rest after yesterday!

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Cod. We must have passed out early, we missed you telling Pekka off! Rats.
Today we are suffering from nip-overs. But at least we all staggered home. By the way, did we leave a red spotted mousie there? Sylvester can't find his.

OKcats said...

Great party pics! We never realized until now that you and Pekka have the exact same beauty marks! (we're a little slow sometimes). Rest up - maybe you can have another party tomorrow!!

Kari said...

The photo of you and Pekka is so adorable! You look like two little angels! We, like the OK cats, never realized that you and Pekka have your little orange spot on the same side. We are so happy you had fun celebrating! Does the fun go on all weekend?

You ARE the fluffiest little boy dear Punapippuri. We hadn't realized your furs on your chest and tummy were so long!
Maybe we need a photo show of "The Furs of Punapippuri".