Monday, 27 June 2011

We've been lazing around on the catio.
Lewis-veli has been patrolling. He is getting more confident.
And as if by magic a big parcel arrived from our wonderful friend in southern Finland - it had lots of yummy food and some toys. They have been played with and are hiding somewhere - they were swiped before Äiti could even take a photo. Äiti said the food has to last a bit longer. The parcel is for the Muhos gang but they are happy to share - of course!
And a new blanket arrived. It's not very clean though and has interesting smells which I am checking carefully. It smells of funny little baby cats........ (Äiti's note - it is from the nest of the kittens and hopefully will help the 'introduction').


Angel Simba said...

Oh, that sounds like a goo way to acclimate the current cats to the kittens. We have been so busy we missed realizing about them. How exciting.

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Terve from a Canadian/American Finn. Love your catio and the all the kitties.

Mr Puddy said...

Lewis, Look like you fly over the grass : )

and OMC ! How the little kitties got up over there ?..Cool !

Katnip Lounge said...

We count 5 Cats and 1 Tortoise lazing about, you all look pretty happy with the sun and heat.

That "New Kitten Smell" is VERY captivating, eh?

Maggie May said...

OMC! Mom was checking out facebook and saw a familiar, handsome face on the Marley Fund page.....Stran-veli! What a wonderful sight! Sure hope he makes it as a calendar kitteh!

OKcats said...

Hooray for Lewis! We're always so happy to hear when Lewis and Harris do brave things. You are very lucky cats to receive presents from Finland (South). Everyone loves you - they send more and more gifts! Hail to the King!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We bet that new kitten smell is VERY interesting! :-)

Great package--lovely to get toys and food!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That new blankie looks full of strange smells.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Always nice to get a surpurrize package with goodies. The little kitties are adorable!


Kari said...

Your catio is just great! We want one that has grass , too! And look! There's Tessie! It's amazing how she walks around with all of the cats. I always find her delightful even though I've never been a big admirer of tortoises.
The little kitties wil be comming hone soon! And we are so excited! It was very thoughtful to have a nice spot that smells like home to welcome the babies. They are going to love their new home!

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

That does sound like an intriguing blankie!

Has it been very hot up your way too?

The Chans