Wednesday, 15 June 2011

None of us are happy. We have had a day of trauma. Not only am I facing the prospect of two tiny playmates arriving in a month (I have been thinking just how much of my food they will eat - I hope they are not greedy), but today we got vaccinated and wormed.
How dare anyone think that I, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) would let any parasites in my body! Pah! Anyway, I tolerated this treatment very well, like a brave mancat does. Aila-sisko was sat in Äiti's lap moaning and squealing like a proper girlcat when Stran-veli trotted in, biffed her to be quiet and so she shut up and let the worming treatment happen. Äiti only got bitten once - and that was by Harris-veli which surprised us all - especially him!
And on top of all this torture for us, The Bag has appeared. Rilli-ukko decided to sleep in it and had to be forcibly removed for Äiti to pack her stuff in it. Her promptly got back in while she was folding clothes but despite this valiant effort it has still been packed. Apparently she's only going away for a few nights - as if that makes things better. So, loyal readers, I am faced with abandonment again. I apologise for this - but Äiti has said she's not going away again this summer. But things had better start getting better for us: we think she needs to build more shelves and cat poles for us to make up for it. And I am pleased to announce I have climbed the whole height of the pole, from floor to ceiling - and not everyone here has worked out how to do that!


OKcats said...

We're glad to know that you don't have worms. But that was a little bit rude of Stran to biff Aila - she was just voicing her displeasure at the indignities she was forced to suffer!

Our brother Zachary once bit our mom while he was at the vet. He'd been rather ill and didn't have much strength, but our mom said she couldn't tell that by the force of his chomp. We're sure she probably deserved it.

You guys hang in there - a few days without your Aiti could be fun! Maybe you can host a house trashing party - you know, most of your friends have never been to Finland!

Kati said...

I hope Äiti has taken some antibiotics!

Sparkle said...

Wow, you guys went through quite an ordeal! But it sounds like you all (mostly) made it through with good humor. Or at least not too much bad humor!

Katnip Lounge said...

A terrible day indeed. At least you were not bathed! That has happened here. Kudos to the biter!

We are standing by to teleport over and climb the pole and wreak havoc...just say the word!

Photo Cache said...

Oh good you have no more worms. Nice to meet you kitties.

Emma and Buster.

Mr Puddy said...

I have a question, You guys just vaccinated. Did Aiti took all of you at once to the VET ?..Oh !!! I love to imagine that..12 cats in the car : )

And Bravo for you King of Finland, I do agree. Top of the pole is just the unique skill of King only !!!
he..heh..I might have to do practice with my tree, I just only climb up half of it ; )

King of some street in Melbourne

Kari said...

After reading today's post we realized we missed something! Two kitties! We had to go back and comment on how happy we are for your mum.
Harris bit? Harris bit??? He must have been beside himself with fear and anxiety. Did you all go to the vet's at the same time? Your mum is a brave lady. Mum takes us in quarterly rotations. We love you all lots! Congratulations on the new family members. Tell your mum to have a lovely mini vacation.