Sunday, 12 June 2011

In answer to the Katnip Loungers wondering why Stran-veli doesn't take control of us so-called 'shameless' cats who lie belly up letting it all show, here is his response ! You guys need to understand we are Finncats, and in the Finnish culture of saunas and running to the lake naked, no one has a problem with our bodies and bits of them. Even Äiti cannot understand this, but we think it is perfectly natural.
And today the weather cooled, and we were playing and chasing. There was a lot of noise in the house as Things were being built (more about this soon) but the bestest bit today was opening up my parcel from Zoe and Fuzzy, the OK cats. This was a totally fantastic present, and it was full of stuffs.
I had to make sure Aila-sisko didn't barge in first - she could obviously smell girlcats and wanted to check them out. But I got to inspect all the stuffs - which is only right as they are for me!
Look at it all - there are so many things -I think I can share some of them. We can all try the wonderful mat. Wow! There are some toys which we have not seen before in Finland: I do like having so many international friends who can send me such things.
This springy looks great. And I have seen these beds on blogs and wondered how comfy they are....
I hope Mirsku-veli doesn't break it. Ah - and then I found something that cannot be shared.
I've not had catnip flavour before. I must save these for a special occasion - maybe Juhannus, the Finnish midsummer festival.
And the box is absolutely fantastic too - just the right size for me.
Thank you so much, Fuzzy and Zoe. This was really so very kind of you. Maybe girlcats are not so bad afterall.


Katnip Lounge said...

What a fabulous gift! You are going to LOVE those temptations, they are the BEST! Puna, you look quite nice in the box, too.
Mommy says she would be happy in Finland. Daddy says she needs to wear clothes to get on the plane! She likes to run around naked, 'specially now that she's buds with Mr. Hot Flash.

OKcats said...

ARG! Stupid blogger ate our comment! BAH! We forgot what we were saying! Something about glad your treats made it and we would have sent more if we knew they would not be confiscated... that mat looked interesting, hope it traps some furs, and blah blah blah. Now we are upset. But we're glad things have cooled off a bit for you all!

Angel Simba said...

I was about to say Wow, Temptations are even available in Finland, when I read more carefully and realized they came from OK cats. I am jealous of your Hammick to lie on: those look so nice.

I hope things cool off for you all.

Purrs, Simba

Mr Puddy said...

Guys !!!!! That's Awesome Gift !!!!!
Try the Hammick..That's the best !!!!!
Since I got it. When I get indoor. I always lie down there..No where else !

PS : Better be quick, who marks first ! you got it !

Sparkle said...

That's a great package you guys received! That is one of the fun parts of getting these items from overseas - you get things that can't be found in your country!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is a great package from those two lovely ladycats. You must stake your claim for the Ham-Mick. We have one and it is very comfy. Those nippy Temptations look good. That is something for our mum to put on her shopping list when she next goes to America.