Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We were going to do a longer post but have just been reading the OK cats blog and are now making Äiti show us on the map where they live and have her explain about tornadoes and Really Scary Stuff like that. Our girlcat friends have survived but their mom was so worried they were put in their carriers, ready to escape. We are so glad they are safe - even though they are girlcats and we don't like girlcats (except for Maggie May of course who is my beloved girlfriend, and Roosa and Aila-sisko who are okay most of the time, and of course all those girlcat bloggers who are nice to look at and fun to read, and our Britcat cousins Treacle and Bramble, and...) .
But for all of you facing bad weather and fear, we have our paws crossed for you for luck. And we hope you stay warm and safe and dry.
And the picture is for Mr Puddy, King Kitty Cat of Some Street, Melbourne. The little hut on our catio is actually for Tessie-kilpikonna when she gets cold but we have taken it over. She might start using it when the weather is warm enough for her to stay out all night (we still have the chance of frost right now).


Deb said...

I love the little cat house. I, too am praying that everyone and all cats re kept safe from tornadoes. Hugs, Den=^..^=x4

Fuzzy Tales said...

That cat hut is awesome!

We're purring and purraying for All Beings affected by the terrible tornadoes and storms sweeping through some of the US states. Very tragic and very, very scary.

Kari said...

A tortoise house! How cool is that! You are so interesting and have such interesting things at your house!
Our mum feels like we are so boring by comparison.

We are praying hard for the people of the midwest who have suffered such devastation in the wake of the recent tornadoes. This mornings weather map shows more storms on the way! We pray that God shows His mercy and the storm system subsides.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I also love the little cat house. I am so worried about all our friends who have been having such bad weather and hope they will stay safe. Mum says the world is upside down with all the bad things happening . It is scary indeed.. Hugs GJ xx

OKcats said...

Oh my goodness, our lazy slacker mom hasn't been letting us read blogs, so we missed this very touching post. Thank you, King Punapippuri-who-hates-girls, for your kind and thoughtful message. And our mom thanks your Aiti for her email earlier, too, checking on us. It's so very nice to have friends who care about us. And it was very, VERY kind for you to offer to let us live with you if the tornado blows our house down. But, we hope you'll understand our need to decline. You see, we don't like living with boycats any more than you like living with girlcats. We're probably best off living apart. :)

Love, Fuzzy and Zoe