Monday, 9 May 2011

Today the weather is cloudy and as it is Monday we know we will be abandoned as Äiti goes hunting for us. Even though we press our noses to the kitchen window and look pitifully at the car as it pulls away (with the most piercing, desperate stares which we know Äiti can see in the rear view mirror), she still leaves us. Well, we then immediately snuggle down to sleep until she reappears and we then put on our hurt and starving expressions.
But we had a great weekend and there were plenty of sunny photos I thought I would post. Äiti says it is hard to get good photos of Ruska as he is so dark and shiny - so she thought one that looked straight up his nose was quite flattering.
Mirsku-veli's nose was not quite so cooperative so she caught him tongue-rolling instead.
Harris-veli preferred his full face to be captured, and he looks very soft in the sunlight. he is a big softie and I personally think his aim in life is to get his bottom sniffed by everyone in perheeni every day, and then also try to give headrubs to everyone. Stran-veli is glad he is confident to try this with other cat now as he felt a little singled out with Harris-veli following him like a shadow.
Stran-veli was looking particularly golden in the sunlight.
And Pekka-poika was looking particularly smug. Thankfully he has no more escape plans (not that he is telling anyway). He and I have become bestest bed-sharing buddies and Äiti was not impressed by just how much of the duvet we both hogged last night. We, however, were quite pleased with ourselves.


Mr Puddy said...

Ha..Ha..Ha.. Mirsku can sleep with his tongue-rolling..That's wicked ! but She is so cute !!!!

I like the way Äiti took a photo Roska, He have a cute little nose.

Harris, Mom said he have funny behavior but as long as he happy everything is good ! Just hope Stran wouldn't mind : )

And that's so good you have a bestest buddy to sharing bed : )


Katnip Lounge said...

Well, CC thinks Harris has a good life goal, because he does the same thing! Mommy says his bottom must smell like ambrosia, or maybe catnip. Either way, she's not gonna sniff it to find out.
We loved all your photos today, and we do the same thing when our Mommy leaves--Daddy told on us and reported we sleep all day, too, and only rise when we hear the garage door open.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Wonderful photos today. So much manly handsomeness!!!

The Chans

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Your mum captured some realy lovely close up's I love them.. Hugs GJ xx

Marilia said...

Own! You´re so sweeties!!!
Kisses from Brazil

OKcats said...

hehe, when we get too close to each other in bed, our mom can't sleep. She doesn't trust us to behave, and she fears that her face will be clawed once we remember that we're really not THAT fond of each other.