Saturday, 28 May 2011

There is much joy in perheeni when a big parcel arrives for Äiti .She is happy because of the stuff it contains (many kilos of English teabags and this thing called custard powder which Aila-sisko loves). But our main joy is of course the box.
This box has excellent capacity and in times of extreme friendship and tolerance, two of us have even been inside it at once! But most of the time there is competition to be Master of the Box.
And we have been allowing Äiti opportunity to practice her photography with some leaping around. Afterall those shots of Pekka-poika lacked sharpness so Äiti must improve! We have a reputation to maintain.

She still needs practice - Mirsku-veli's head is blurry.
This is better ! And far more handsome. And agile.
Now Mirsku-veli is getting ideas that he is in fact the Master of the Box, and he's been doing some maintenance which is MY job.
As King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) I should get first dibs on it. Of course. And I take this very seriously.
And the view is even better from the inside. Pekka-poika respects my position - of course.


Katnip Lounge said...

Oh the joys of a cardboard box! The endless possibilities, games, and shredding to be had...tell Aiti that we enjoyed the leaping shots very much! Puna, your front paw tuck was a 10!

Sparkle said...

I love the leaping photos - but the fighting photo is the best!

Kari said...

Your little tongue is out! You are so adorable, King Kitty! What kind of camera is your Aiti using. She is getting such amazing shots. But then again, a camera is only as good as the photographer behind it. Have a great weekend! See you tomorrow!

OKcats said...

wow - Mirsku chomped YOUR box??? Wow. That skywalking thing has made him a little bit bold, we think.